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20,000 Mining Jobs for Queensland

GVK coal mining jobsQueensland mining jobs look to be on the increase with the Queensland government approving GVK’s Kevin’s Corner coal mine.

Following a rigorous and thorough assessment process by two levels of government spanning five years, federal environment minister Greg Hunt gave the approval to build and operate the coal mine, 50 kilometre north of the town of Alpha in Queensland.

This is a huge project and a confidence boost for Queensland mining. Jobs will be created

GVK has a 100% stake in Kevin`s Corner mine and a 79% stake in the Alpha and Alpha West coal projects. The Kevin’s Corner Coal Project is a thermal coal deposit within the confides of Queensland’s Galilee Basin. The coal deposit contains huge amounts of coal in an area of the basin that has favourable access to rail and infrastructure networks – thereby enhancing the opportunity for rapid development of the mine.

“7,000 mining construction jobs in Queensland”

GVK`s Galilee Basin projects will provide direct and indirect employment to around 7,000 people during construction and direct and indirect employment to around 20,000 people once operational throughout the region, state and the nation. It will have the capacity to produce up to 30 million tonnes of export quality thermal coal per year for 30 years.

Who is GVK?
GVK is a large Indian group of companies with diversified interests in energy, mining, transportation, airports, life sciences and hospitality. They have been active in the Queensland mining industry for some years, looking for fuel supplies to satisfy the growing need for India’s insatiable appetite for high quality Queensland thermal and coking coal. They are a company to watch for people looking for mining jobs in the Queensland coal fields.

Mr G V Sanjay Reddy, vice chairman, GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd said: “Ultimately, we believe the overall assessment process has resulted in best practice environmental protection outcomes, a positive signal for future investments and mining jobs creation, which we support completely.

GVK’sKevins Corner Project will create jobs

The Galilee Basin project perfectly fits GVK`s global aspirations to be one of the most reliable coal suppliers in the world. Following the best practices in operations and environmental sustainability for the integrated `pit to port project`, comprising mining, rail and port, we will create jobs, contribute to the economic development of the region and improve quality of life, thus contribute our bit, to the society.”, said V Sanjay Reddy.

Mine Site Construction time frames

Construction is expected to start in 2015, with production likely to begin in 2018, the company said in a statement.

When combined, the Galilee Basin coal mining projects will create one of the largest mining operations in the world, holding total resources of eight billion tonnes and a peak capacity of around 80 million tonnes per annum.

The Queensland government gave its environmental clearance for the project in May and for the Alpha Mine and Rail projects in 2012.

“As coal developers, we are uniquely placed, as we possess the Federal and State Government approvals that integrate our mine, rail and port projects that will definitely help in the opening up of the Galilee Basin.

“Our projects represent one of the most significant pieces of regional and economic development Queensland has seen for decades,”ť said Mr Sanjay Reddy.

Recommended training courses and certifications you  will need to secure QLD coal mining jobs with GVK

  • To qualify for a mining job in Queensland and give yourself every chance, you must complete a mining induction course (Recognised Standard 11). This is a engaging course over 2 days (with a pre-reading assessment to be completed prior to starting the course) that will introduce new starters or workers entering the mining industry to life in the industry. The focus of this course is SAFETY. This is a MUST DO course if you want to apply for jobs in the mines with GVK. Get all the answers to your mining course questions and read about mining induction safety training courses.
  • Get yourself booked in to have a Coal Board Medical. This is a requirement by the Coal Mine Workers` Health Scheme, Queensland. Coal mining companies must ensure that a health assessment is carried out for each person who is to be offered employment in the mines in Queensland, or is already employed in the coal mining industry. Read more about the Coal Board Medical.
  • It is a proven fact that with a mining focused resume, you’ll definitively have an advantage when you apply for a mining job with GVK on the Kevin’s Corner Project. Automated resume scanning software that is designed to look for selected keywords contained in your resume. If your resume is not up to date and incorrectly structured, you run the risk of your resume going straight into the bin.   This is where many applicants fail, however, there is a solution. You can get a resume written for you or, if you want to do this yourself, read through the iMINCO resume tips for mining jobs.

How do I get a mining job at the Kevin’s Corner Project if I have no experience?

Many people ask iMINCO how to get a mining job with no experience? There’s many ways to answers to this question.

A lot of the time it depends on your previous experience, training, qualifications, tickets and so on – plus, you need to have the right attitude.

Did you know approximately 25 per cent of the mining workforce in Queensland churns over each year? This is a number you should take note of because as people leave the industry, it creates job opportunities for new starters to get a foot-in-the-door.  This is an incredibly important fact because even if you have never worked in the mining industry before, with the right mix of certification, experience and ability ““ you could quite easily score a mining job at Kevin’s Corner.

Read more about how to get a mining job with no experience and for new starters we recommend reading our introduction to mining for new starters section.

If you need to talk to someone about booking in to a training course, or you need help with your resume, call iMINCO on info@iminco.net, they have specialist advisers on hand to help.

Register for jobs with GVK – have your resume assessed

To register your interest in working for GVK during the construction phase, please send a short covering email with your Resume attached, to the jobs support officer. Your details will be assessed for suitability to the project and forwarded to GVK.

Reference: Mining Jobs Queensland boosted with GVK’s Kevin’s Corner Project given government approval

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