Mining jobs NSW. Gunnedah coal mining job opportunities for new starters in the industry

Mining jobs NSW

Gunnedah NSW Mine Jobs

If you’re looking for NSW mining jobs in coal mining, then look to the Gunnedah coalfields, which is situated West of Tamworth.

In the Gunnedah coalfield, there are many small and large coal mines operations likely to start operation within a few years and the outlook for larger operations set to commence within 10 years.

Mine jobs NSW. Mining job opportunities for new starters in the coal mining industry

The Narrabri Coal`s Stage 1 is an underground mine approximately 20 km south-east of Narrabri with construction commencing in 2008. Narrabri Coal lodged a further major project application in July 2008 for Stage 2 development of a longwall mining operation to increase production from 2.5 to 8.0 Mtpa.

Whitehaven Mining`s Rocglen (formerly Belmont) Coal Mine Project, 25 km north of Gunnedah is another project wel under way.  This mine ia able to produce up to 1.5 Mtpa of ROM coal and 60 full-time jobs. In September 2011 the Rocglen Coal Extension Project was approved, allowing further development of the open-cut pit to access an additional 4.5 to 5 million tonnes of coal.

The Werris Creek Mine Extension Project was approved by the NSW Government in October 2011. This incuded extending the existing open-cut pit, which increases the maximum coal production output from 2 Mtpa of ROM coal to 2.5 Mtpa. The amount of coal able to be transported by road to domestic markets be around to 100,000 mtpa, creating a new wave of NSW mine jobs.

Shenua Energy was granted an exploration licence for the Watermark coal exploration area in the Gunnedah Basin. The company invested $213 million buying up 43 farms in the area which is located approximately 35 km south-east of Gunnedah.  The highest price paid by the Chinese miner was $18.3m for 1051ha of land at Curlewis. The large deposit contains shallow seams in excess of 1 billion tonnes of domestic and export quality thermal coal.

It is envisioned the coal mine will generate $900M in economic benefits to the community each year and create more than 900 mine jobs for Gunnedah and the surrounding areas. The Environmental Impact Study (IES) is over 3000 pages long as there is a lot of debate about the effect of the mining operations on the local environment. The EIS is expected to be ready for pubic viewing around the end of April.

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