FIFO Mining Jobs Queensland Activity Increases

FIFO Mining Jobs Queensland Activity Increases

FIFO mining jobsFIFO mining jobs Queensland.
Chief executive and General Manager of the Brisbane airport Corporation (BAC) Julieanne Alroe, said she would be “delighted”Ł to see neighbouring airports take much of the FIFO mining job traffic off its hands, according to a recent report in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Brisbane Airport is being swamped by a surging number of small aircraft flying to and from regional towns andácitiesá to service mines andámining jobs all around the nation. The FIFO lifestyle is alive and blossoming in Queensland.

Ms Alroe said, based on the figures, the mining boom was still alive and well. “These large charter markets are a relatively new phenomenon for us,” Ms Alroe said. “I just don’t think anybody really expected that the aeroplane would be the bus to work to the extent it has become.

Mining activity still on the up

“I think FIFO caught everyone by surprise in the extent of it and I’m still perplexed. Every time I open a newspaper, it’s all about the ‘former’ mining boom and yet we’re still seeing these regional aircraft continue to be deployed.

Gold Coast Airport bossá Paul Donovan said large mining companies were finally looking at Coolangatta as a serious FIFO hub.

Mr Donovan said a report, authored by demographer Bernard Salt, showed about 10,000 Gold Coasters travelled long distances for work each day, and had helped make the case for the city when it was released last month. “We have had more interest since the report,” he said.

Mr Donovan said he has one of the mining companies visiting Gold Coast Airport this week.

“Ultimately it is all about the mining companies and proving to them that there is a workforce here,” he said.

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