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Mt Isa Mining Jobs

Mt.ISA Mining Jobs  - Dump truck course Brisbane iMINCO
Mining jobs in the mining hotspot of Mt Isa have been on the increase for many years and the recruitment drive is still proving to be hyper-active, as Glencore Xstrata start a new recruitment drive.

Glencore Xstrata has hinted that apprenticeship numbers will drop in 2014, although they were looking for 62 people to fill various mining jobs at their George Fisher mine.

Glencore Xstrata would be advertising the mining job vacancies on the Mount Isa Mines website or people could look for jobs that are being advertised by contracting companies employed by Glencore Xstrata.

Some of the mining jobs at the George Fisher mine would be FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) and this would be enabled to expand the applicant pool to make sure the mining jobs advertised would be filled as quickly as possible.

The biggest winners from the recruitment drive by Glencore Xstrata would be the Mount Isa residents, as locals were encouraged to apply and it seems the mining company would prefer to employ people from Mt Isa and the surrounding communities, such as Cloncurry.

Hays Recruitment hinted they will have more mining jobs for the region available on their website very soon. The jobs will centre around mining operations and construction and will be around the George Fisher and Blackstar mines

A CoreStaff recruitment specialist has confirmed with iMINCO that several dump truck operator jobs were available in Mount Isa, however, experienced operators were preferred. There was good advice from Corestaff stating people chasing entry level traineeship roles as dump truck drivers should still register their interest as well as keep an eye out for traineeship positions.

The iMINCO mining jobs board, regularly advertised dump truck jobs, especially jobs available in Queensland.

There are still a lot of mines in the region that operate open-cut, drill and blast and load and haul mining, requiring reliable and safety focused dump truck drivers.

People looking for a career as a dump truck operator can complete a 5 day dump truck course in Brisbane, which will give them a nationally recognised qualification: RIIMPO311A “ Conduct Haul Truck Operations. This course can be good value as it also includes the essential Mining Induction (Standard 11), that you require if you want to work on a coal or metaliferous mine site in Queensland.

There is also the option for people who are time-poor to complete a 2-day intensive dump truck course where you work with one trainer for the 2 days.

The 2-day dump truck intensive gives you a lot more time behind the wheel and includes a variety of challenging haul roads, as well as experience with night time loading and tipping.

Reference: Mt Isa Mining Jobs | Glencore Xstrata advertise more mining jobs for George Fisher and Blackstar mines.

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