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Gladstone Jobs – Bechtel

iMINCOBechtel Australia reports a Payroll of $50M per fortnight!

Do you want to work in Gladstone on Australia’s largest LNG project in history? Gladstone jobs with Bechtel are now available and you should apply now.


The Curtis Island project has created almost 10,000 LNG jobs, with plenty of opportunity to get a slice of the action, especially for skilled tradesman.

Whilst listening to a candid ABC interview with Andy Greig, Managing Director of Bechtel Australia and Global President of the Bechtel`s mining and metals business, we felt it highly important to share (or better still) break down some of the highlights of the interview, which is particularly relevant for you, if you`re looking for Bechtel jobs in Gladstone or the Curtis Island LNG project right now.

Bechtel is among the most respected engineering, project management, and construction companies in the world. Bechtel specialises in the following business units;

- Mining and metals

- Oil, gas and chemicals

- Civil infrastructure

- Power generation, communications, and transmission

- Government services

Bechtel has built some of the world`s largest mining and energy projects, has a construction empire spanning the globe and (notably) bases its global mining and metals unit in Brisbane. Bechtel Australia is most widely known for the enormity of the Gladstone LNG project and this week we hone in on why this company should be under your radar, especially if you are looking for Gladstone jobs in LNG.

This quiet achieving company has done well to avoid the spotlight, considering they have almost single-handedly built the nations liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, and have been a key-player in the colossal resources boom in Australia; in addition to being responsible for the delivery of some of the biggest resource projects in the world.

Bechtel jobs – RIGHT NOW Bechtel is hiring.

Researching and acquiring knowledge of major mining and construction companies can arm you with essential knowledge that can give you a winning edge over your competition, when looking for employment.

There is a reason why we are dissecting the ABC interview with Bechtel Australia. They`re currently working on some of the largest international building projects for several of the world`s major players; right here in Australia and their revenue is around $40B per year. What does that mean for you? Fantastic job opportunities and exceptional career opportunities! Bechtel has 40 permanent offices and as many as 80,000 (employees and contract) staff across 65 countries, which gives you some idea of the magnitude of the company.

Bechtel currently employs around 12,000 people here in Australia with roles dispersed across the engineering, procurement and construction facets of the projects. This post aims to reveal some key information about the company, and is worth reading particularly if you`re looking for jobs in Gladstone, Queensland right now, specifically Curtis Island jobs!

To give you a snapshot of the enormity of Bechtel`s worth,

their Australian payroll alone is 50 million dollars each fortnight. So if you can get a foot in the door with this company “ chances are your career prospects will open up significantly for the future.

To give you a sense of the enormity of the Curtis Island operations and prospective jobs on Curtis Island, Gladstone in terms of size was explained by Grieg.

This project is massive in scale! Never before have three mega LNG projects been done side-by-side on one piece of real state. So even by our standards this is very significant with the three projects for three different customers side by side with a total value of about $25 billion. We are employing about 10 thousand people to build those projects and we are spending about $6 billion a year in Australia on those projects. We have payrolls of $50 million on fortnight with given fixed process to our customers and so we take in lonesome delivery risk and it’s very significant in a global context. These are very significant projects.

Bechtel Australia jobs available

Ongoing Gladstone Jobs: The construction of three liquefied natural gas *(LNG) plants on Curtis Island, at the Gladstone harbour in Queensland, forming the greatest concentration of Bechtel projects anywhere in the world, with the first scheduled for completion in 2014. (Bechtel Australia recently reported the need to employ 15 people per day on the Curtis Island project alone!) ** Look for jobs in Curtis Island, Gladstone here.

In Curtis Island and Gladstone today, Bechtel have about 9,800 people working. That`s greater than 10% of the Gladstone population that sits at around 30,000 are working for Bechtel Australia. There are about 500 open jobs for people with mechanical and electrical skills, including daily jobs advertised for Curtis Island, Gladstone.

Jobs on these large scale projects like Gladstone LNG start with earth works. Then they move to concreting, then structural steel, and then you get into part of being mechanical equipment and welding and electrical. Right now Bechtel are entering a phase of mechanical and electrical works and as such they currently have positions open for special class welders, electricians, pipe fitters, and instrument technicians.

Those with civil skills are sought-after however the Curtis Island project for instance is getting to the stage, where specialised skills are required.

Additionally, Bechtel Australia have put a massive effort into training and employing apprentices. Their mission on the Curtis Island project for instance is to employ 400 apprentices; currently they have only 240 so they still have quite a way to go. An apprenticeship within a large-scale company like Bechtel would be the ideal way to embark on an amazing career where the opportunities for learning and earning would be endless.

The Curtis Island LNG Gladstone project has a lot riding on it financially and despite concerns, Bechtel Australia have given assurances they are absolutely on schedule and will deliver. This project is most important for Queensland, as it promises a powerful channel for both employment and investment. As one of the world`s most successful engineering construction companies doing this for a long time, Bechtel Australia is certainly a company worth looking at closely if seeking a strong career path with sensational earning potential.

If you are a trained person looking for a job on Curtis island and are willing to work hard and do long hours you can be expected to receive the following salary:

  • A Labourer will make $130,000 (but are working 10 hours a day, six days a week and are away from home with a typical 4/1 roster.)
  • A ticketed trade person will make about a $160,000 p.a.

Useful Facts to Learn for Getting a Job at Bechtel

  • Bechtel was founded in 1898
  • It has five global business units
  • The second biggest business in Bechtel was the mining and metals business
  • The company has worked on more than 22,000 projects in 140 countries on all seven continents and next year they will celebrate their 60th anniversary in Australia.
  • Warren Bechtel, a farmer and the current CEO`s great grandfather started doing railroad construction in the Oklahoma territories in 1898 and build the company from there.
  • Currently, in their 4th generation of family leadership, The Bechtel family and the signing management collectively own the company.
  • Today the company is privately held and have had four CEOs over the last hundred and fifteen years, all named Bechtel.
  • Bechtel have been in Australia since 1954 and in 1995 they moved to their Australian Headquarters from Melbourne to Brisbane, which is the ideal place for a Head Office, particularly for a company focused on mining and resources.

What is Bechtel’s policy on employing workers on 457 visas?

Bechtel currently doesn`t employ people on a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) and believe it’s a last resort. They are committed to the sourcing local workers where possible. This community engagement it is to the company’s advantage helping them to draw on the local knowledge and skilled workforce as well as being economically viable to employ local people.

The company is investing heavily in skills training and development and recruiting to try and get through the project without importing additional workers. At the moment Bechtel is hopeful that they can complete the project without importing workers on 457 visas.


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Reference article: Gladstone Jobs – Bechtel | Getting a job with Bechtel on the Curtis Island LNG Project off Gladstone, Queensland

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    Hi I’m look fly in and fly out or drive Ve in or drive out for carpenter roles remotes job available at Curtis island as I’m Carpenter Contract licence any question contact me email thank kinds GARY

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      Hey Gary, thanks for your question about jobs on Curtis Island as a carpenter. The best place to look is on SEEK or you can Google ‘curtis island carpenter jobs’. You’ll find some good websites for this. Here is a link to Curtis Island jobs on There are some good contacts on there… sift through the jobs and see if you can find what you are looking for.

      Also, go to the main Bechtel website, as they are the lead contractors for the project Jobs on Curtis Island with Bechtel

      Google is your best starting point, use those keywords I gave you before to get started ‘curtis island jobs carpenter’… let me know how you go.


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