GIQ Coal Generic Induction

GIQ Coal Generic Induction

The GIQ coal generic induction has been replaced by the Australian Mines Inspectorate Standard 11.

The Standard 11 Surface Mining Induction course (previously known as the GIQ coal generic induction) discusses relevant information surrounding safety, policies, procedures and risk control for the mining industry.

Students learn about their responsibilities regarding OHS and various documentation requirements relevant to a working mine. Successful completion of the GIQ Coal Generic Induction course provides you with an entry point to gaining employment in surface mining (Coal or Metalliferous).

The Standard 11 Mining Induction (previously referred to as the GIQ Coal Generic Induction) course introduces you to the dangers that are present on a mine site and shows you how to work safely on a mine site. It is an introduction to the mining industry which covers:

  • Legislation
  • General safety
  • Managing hazards
  • Risk management
  • Isolation and tagging
  • Emergency procedures
  • Basic first aid
  • Fire fighting and prevention
  • Protecting the environment

The course units are:

  • RIICOM201A Communicate In the Workplace
  • RIIGOV201A Comply With Site Work Processes and Procedures
  • RIIOHS201A Work Safely and Follow OH&S Policies and Procedures
  • RIIERR205A Apply Initial Response First Aid
  • RIIERR302A Respond To Local Emergencies and Incidents*
  • RIIRIS201A Conduct Local Risk Control*

*As per the Mining Inspectorate, these units require sign off on a mine site or simulated mine site.

Course Pre-Requisites
Eligible candidates must be 18 years and over and hold a current car driver’s licence.

Classroom Learning
The Standard 11 Mining Induction course program runs for the duration of three days, in which both theory and practical related mining scenario assignments will be utilised.

Course Requirements
This Standard 11 Mining Induction course requires you to bring ID, comfortable clothing and enclosed shoes. Same Mining Industry workplace requirements and policies apply at this Standard 11 Mining Induction training course, therefore while in the classroom, you’re expected to act as if you’re at work.
All students are required to read the student handbook before attending any mining training course. Failure to do so could result in disappointment while participating.

On conclusion of Standard 11 Mining Induction course and as directed by the Mining Inspectorate, students are required to fulfil statements as outlined in the Workplace Assessment Log Book, which is completed under the supervision of a mine site supervisor or designate. Once the Log Book is finalized and returned, students are issued with a duly recognised Standard 11 Mining Induction Card.

Upon successful competency achieved for each Standard 11 Mining Induction unit, students will have successfully gained their Standard 11 Surface Mining Induction Card and will receive a Statement of Attainment Certificate of Standard 11 and colour Photo ID Mining Induction card. As well as gaining the Standard 11 Surface Mining Induction Card, students will have also successfully gained partial completion of a nationally recognised Certificate II in Surface Mining Extraction Units.

Upon completion of this Standard 11 Mining Induction course, statement of attainment for standard 11 will be issued, along with the units of competency from those partially achieved out of the Certificate II in Surface
Mining Extraction.

This Standard 11 Mining Induction qualification is an Australian Qualification Framework accredited course and Nationally Recognised Training from the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package (2009 version 1). This qualification is delivered under a partnership agreement with Industry Pathways (NPN:32513).