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Gas Jobs On The Rise

iMINCO - Australian Gas JobsEnergy Skills Queensland has released a new report which clearly maps out the rise of Australian gas jobs. Indication are the gas sector could employ over 14,100 workers when activity is expected to peak in 2024.

This is a staggering 200 per cent increase on the previous figures that were originally forecast back in 2009.

45,000 Gas Wells in Queensland

Based on an estimated drilling, setting up and commissioning of around 45,000 wells, Queensland`s CSG-LNG workforce is expected to peak at 14,100, however, if production increases to 59,000 wells, the workforce peak would expand to 17,000,creating an extra 3000 gas jobs for varying trades and skill levels.

Many mining companies seem to be in agreement, indicating the construction phase of the accelerated activity is targeted to reach its apex in 2013, the essential operation and maintenance activity phase may keep thousands employed in gas jobs for the next 50 years.

The report showed the demand for gas jobs would focus around upstream operations. This location for this activity has been indicated as the Central Queensland gas fields where gas workers will help deliver six LNG production facilities, or trains.

Surat and Bowen Basin Gas Jobs

Gas jobs will be mainly centred around the Surat Basin and the Bowen Basin region. The gas processing plants will be operating out of Gladstone.

It`s expected 15,000 jobs in the gas industry will be created. Brisbane has also been flagged as a location for administration and engineering and Work Health & Safety personnel.

Skills Shortage Looming – Gas Jobs On The Increase

The industry has warned that a new wave of skills shortages in the industry was causing concern amongst the major employers as demand for experienced workers increased.

Qualified and trade-hardened worker who can add real value to gas projects, are assured a positive future in the industry.

Owing to the imminent supply shortage of skilled personnel, now is the perfect time to think about what training and qualifications are attainable in a relatively short timeframe.

Short courses are perfect for up-skilling yourself for Australian LNG gas jobs.

Having the right mix of gas and safety related qualifications the major energy companies are looking for can result in increased gas job opportunities.

Gas Jobs In Demand In 2014

  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • Rig Managers; and
  • Specialist Trainers and Assessors

The gas industry in Australia has a diverse range of employment opportunities for people entering the sector in entry level, or semi-skilled roles.

This latest report clearly shows Queensland’s natural gas industry will continue to expand for decades to come, with the subsequent benefits providing lucrative on-going career opportunities across many occupations such as;

  • pipeline workers
  • site managers
  • operations crews
  • field and plant operators
  • builders, electrical and instrument trades
  • painting, fireproofing and insulation workers
  • safety and risk advisors
  • health and safety advisors
  • tank workers and environmental scientists

With billions of investment dollars flowing into the Queensland economy off the back of the gas industry, there is an impetus for other states to jump on board and start to reap the same gas extraction and distribution benefits that have been gifted to Queensland.

One of the reasons for the rapid success of LNG and the rise of gas jobs in Queensland could be attributed to the government having cleared the way of obstacles blocking the development of the industry. This is an initiative that is clearly lacking in other states with their own untapped gas reserves.

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