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GVK Seeks Finance for Galilee Basin Mines

iMINCO GVK Seeks Finance for Galilee Basin MinesGalilee Basin joint developer GVK Power & Infrastructure (GVKPIL) is keeping its options open as it enters talks with banks to fund its $10-billion Hancock coal project in Queensland.

Thousands of Queensland mining jobs hinge on the successful financing of the Alpha and Alpha West thermal coal mines going ahead.

I a recent statement, a GVK spokesman said “We have made significant progress towards realising this project. This milestone symbolises our common vision.”

GV Krishna Reddy, chairman, GVK, said. “GVK are in discussion with many banks and are hopeful of achieving the financial closure for this project in 12 month’s time. The coal production is likely to start in another 1-2 years.” he said.

GVK is also exploring equity participation and fund infusion through banks and export credit agencies to acquire enough funding to kick-start this Galilee Basin project. In September 2011, GVK had bought a 79 per cent stake in the Alpha and Alpha West thermal coal projects in the Galilee Basin and 100 per cent of the Kevin`s Corner coal project which is adjacent to Alpha.

The company is currently undergoing the legal documentation and it is believed that the project valuations have also increased, making it a more viable investment.

“India has huge problems with local coal supply quality”

Indian power companies and the government have been a loggerheads for some time now over the inefficiencies in electricity generation. Indian coal is not of a high quality, therefore the power stations are having major issues maintaining output and so industry and consumers are suffering because of this.

“a shortfall of some 55 million tonnes of coal”

India itself in 2013, had a shortfall of some 55 million tonnes of coal and it has to get a consistent supply from overseas to keep its industry moving forward. This is why mining companies like GVK are investing in Australia. They understand the coal found in the Galilee Basin is of a high quality – and they need it!

Drilling has been going on for some time and the results show a high quality coal deposit with vast reserves waiting to be tapped. The mines have approximate coal reserves of about 8 billion tonne and a capacity to mine over 80 million tonne per year.

Galilee Basin – the largest thermal coal mining operations the world has ever seen

When combined, these two Galilee Basin coal mining projects will create one of the largest thermal coal mining operations the world has ever seen. Mining jobs may be 18 months away in terms of what we have seen in the previous couple of years in the industry.

Coal mining in Queensland has taken a few hits below the belt of late and confidence in the industry has been eroded somewhat, especially by the wave of negative press. Despite this, coal exports from Queensland soar as productivity lifts and a new outlook for a positive future takes over.

Get ready for Galilee Basin mining jobs

Now is the time to review what the future holds in terms of mining jobs for people who are still looking to get into the mining industry in Queensland. Mining jobs are as diverse as any other industry and range from hospitality and cleaning to manual trades, operator jobs, management, health and safety and technical trades and education.

Mining offers a range of employment opportunities for people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds.

Age is  no issue if you’re looking for mining jobs in the Galilee Basin as the range of ages covers as young as teenagers to people who are past retirement age. The average age of a Queensland miner is 40 years old and women also feature in many high tech and production roles, ranging from haul truck driver to supervisor and mine site manager – the industry is truly diverse and offers unlimited career paths.

Experience, training and attitude

For new starters in the coal mining industry and are excited about the prospect of a mining job in the Galilee Basin, now is the the perfect time to start to review your options. Experience, training and attitude are the three key ingredients when starting your search for a career in the sector.

Mining is a dangerous professional, above ground as well as underground mining operations. The hazards exist everywhere so you need to be aware of exactly where the dangers lie and how to spot them, document the hazard and learn that you are also responsible for the safety of your work mates who occupy the same space for a lot of the time.

Mining Induction training – Queensland’s mining course for new starters

In Queensland you can not get a start on a mine site unless you have completed some form of induction training course. The Standard 11, is a compulsory Queensland government mining induction course, that educates new starters, as well as other professionals on the latest Work, Health and Safety best practices.

The 2 day course also covers in-depth mine site terminology, hazard management, fire fighting, communications, mine-site operating procedures an many other topics.

As well as the Standard 11, new recruits to the industry, once offered employment by a mining company, will be required to undergo a mine site-specific induction where they will be educated in the operations and procedures of the mine site.

All-in-all, mining induction training, skills building and experience will help you realise a career in the Galilee Basin coal mining industry with mining companies like GVK is possible, if you start now.

Here are some training courses you can do

  • Learn about the Galilee Basin. Research GVK, Hancock Coal. Go to their websites, gather information about future Galilee Basin development plans.
  • Be prepared, get the right training for a job in the Queensland coal industry ““ Mining Induction (Standard 11). This is a Queensland government initiative. This course was previously known as as `Generic Induction` or ‘Coal Induction’.
  • There are other mining courses you can do to up-skill yourself for Galilee Basin jobs.
  • In Queensland, you must pass a medical examination and be fit for work. You may require a Coal Board Medical examination before applying for mining jobs ““ it`s always a good idea to be totally prepared.
  • You may also be required to undergo  a chest x-ray too.
  • Expect to take a drug and alcohol test prior to starting work, with regular on-site testing being performed for the term of your employment.
  • If you are not an Australian citizen or resident, you must have the correct visa to work in Australia. See 457 Visas and eligibility to work in a mining job.
  • Set up Galilee Basin, GVK and Hancock Coal job alerts on SEEK, CareerOne, Indeed and other mining jobs boards.
  • Search for `mining jobs Queensland` on Google. An example of this would be to use the most common keywords like “GVK mining jobs queensland”, “Adani mining queensland”, “coal mining jobs hancock coal”, “galilee basin jobs” or “galilee basin job”..
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter to be mining focused. A professionally, well written, mining focused resume, with targeted keywords and qualification highlights is essential.

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