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Fly In Fly Out Jobs

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FIFO Jobs: A Flexible Mining Schedule

Fly In Fly Out JobsFly in fly out jobs, or FIFO, are one of the many unique features of the mining industry. Instead of full-time employment that requires settling in a mining colony, these are jobs done on a shift schedule that allow workers to maintain their own home base yet still make a good salary with a job at the mines.

As the name implies, these are positions that allow a worker to travel to a site for a specified amount of time, then travel back home at the end of their shift. In most cases, they work on a two weeks on, one week off rotation but the rotations may be longer or shorter depending on the particular work. In all cases, the company pays for air travel and provides accommodation while the workers are on site.

There are many arguments to be made for fly in fly out jobs. Most workers enjoy the ability to earn a good living without having to uproot their families. This can be particularly important for workers with school age children. Working remotely allows their families to maintain a sense of stability rather than having to be uprooted as mom or dad follows their job.

This unique type of work also allows for greater career flexibility. Because companies will transport you wherever the labor is required, you can move to even the most remote site or change from one job to another without having to worry about all of the stress and anxiety of disrupting your whole lifestyle.

Because they recognise and respect both the skill level of FIFO workers and the sacrifices they make, most companies take good care of them. Not only do they provide transportation for workers in fly in fly out jobs, they also provide living allowances. The living accommodations provided on-site are also very nice and may even include amenities like a pool or gym.

Of course, this kind of work isn`t without its drawbacks. The length of most rotations means spending large amounts of time away from your family and friends. The constant coming and going from the family routine can take a toll on everyone involved and may make it difficult to arrange social or family events.

There may also be a strain on you physically from all of the travelling and from working long hours, as when you are on rotation you can work 12 hour days or longer. No matter how you look at it, fly in fly out jobs are not for the faint of heart, but for many they represent the perfect opportunity to combine family and financial reward.

If you`re interested in working in the mining industry, consider obtaining a FIFO job and expanding your career opportunities. You`ll find a world of adventure at your fingertips and get the satisfaction of a job well done, then head back home to enjoy the comforts of family life. It`s the best of all worlds and can be yours if you know where to look.iminco logo

Fly In Fly Out Jobs



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