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1000 FLNG jobs in Australia Through Shell

FLNG Jobs in Australia iMINCO
Shell`s Prelude floating LNG (FLNG) project is recruiting Aussies first and around 1000 FLNG jobs in Australia are expected to be offered.

Shell Australia Commercial Manager Ian Grose appeared with two colleagues at the Economics and Industry Standing Committee briefing recently and has offered an update on the highly anticipated Shell Prelude FLNG Project.

By 2017, 350 people are expected to be working in FLNG jobs in Australia on Shell’s Prelude and the project is set to create 650 indirect jobs.

Fast Facts for those searching for Australian FLNG jobs.

  • The Shell Prelude is expected to produce 3.6 million tonnes per annum of LNG for export, in addition to Liquid Petroleum Gas and condensate for export.
  • The Prelude is expected to be moored for around 25 years creating thousands of Australian FLNG jobs for at least a quarter of a century.
  • The $12 billion FLNG Prelude project will be the biggest floating structure that has ever been constructed and will be anchored 200km from the WA coast.
  • Currently there are no FLNG facilities deployed anywhere in the world and Shell’s Prelude FLNG Project is expected to be a world first.
  • The FLNG Prelude Project will contribute greatly to the Australian economy through tax revenues and will creating hundreds of FLNG jobs in Australia and will open up a plethora of business opportunities.
  • Construction of the FLNG substructure started in October 2012 in Geoje, South Korea, as this is one of the only shipyards in the world large enough to build the vessel.
  • Around 60 Aussies are currently working in Shells Prelude operations area. With auxiliary infrastructure in Australia commencing where FLNG jobs in Australia will include drilling production wells, the installation of subsea flowlines and risers and prepping of mooring chains.
  • Prelude FLNG has an expected starting date of 2017 – 10 years from the discovery of gas at the field and is set to be the first of several Shell FLNG projects.
  • Prelude Pathways is Shells specialised training and development programme for all employees who are looking for jobs in FLNG which has been established specifically to familiarise workers with the environment, the facility, site equipment and the concept of FLNG, enabling a seamless transition into operations.
  • Shell also has noted they have collaborated with teams from Curtin University, the Challenger Institute of Technology and selected WA training providers to oversee skills development and ensure the success of FLNG jobs in Australia. This will make WA the FLNG career hub offering learning, training and delivery as well as research.
  • Many Australians have expressed their concern regarding jobs on this project however Shell executives have reassured the public by explaining that the Prelude project will support local industry and will keep the FLNG jobs in Australia.
  • The Prelude FLNG project is magnificent – and is expected to truly be your home away from home with spacious living areas, private individual bedrooms with ensuites PLUS a large theatre room, gymnasium, quiet lounge areas and games room. There will also be state-of-the art communication technology to help you keep in touch with your loved ones whilst you are away even!
  • All operational roles will be on a fly in fly out (FIFO) model and are according to the Shell career page they are currently working to devise one of the most attractive rosters possible by industry standards.
  • For office roles will be highly flexibly where you can structure your hours to start earlier or later depending on needs, or the ability to even `telecommute` and work from home.

Steven Phimister the General Manager of Shell stated the company was committed to hiring locals explaining, “We are recruiting on an Australian-first principal.”

Shell has also explained that the Australian economy will attain around $200 million a year if around 70% of operational contracts were awarded locally “ which is the plan.

The development of FLNG technology in Australia was critical to protecting industry. The floating LNG technology keeps Australian energy competitive in the face of an increasingly competitive and difficult market, with increased competition from overseas gas suppliers our continuing costs competitiveness is critical.

If your wanting to find out more about these exciting FLNG jobs in Australia through Shell then you can head to shell.com.au – working on Prelude tab.

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