FIFO Mining Information

FIFO Mining Information

While FIFO roles have lured national and international job seekers to the Australian mining sector, it takes a unique combination of attitude and resilience to work in the mining industry in a FIFO capacity

What it takes to succeed in a FIFO mining job:

  • A willingness to work in remote locations
  • An ability to cope with the lack of services while onsite and the distance from family and friends
  • A genuine interest in the industry
  • The right attitude and adherence to compliance and the ability to deal with risk and rigour
  • The ability to commit to a project long term

Things to consider before starting your FIFO mining job:

The good stuff

  • Personal expenses can be reduced when living on site for extended periods
  • Long periods off can lead to more time at home and with families
  • Stronger sense of community at work
  • Enjoy working with a new set of workmates
  • Opportunity to follow other pursuits when you have time off
  • Good wages and the opportunity to create future wealth for you and/or your family

Things to think about

  • Long time away from home can impact on family and personal life negatively
  • Rigid work schedules can result in important family occasions or community events being missed
  • A nomadic lifestyle poses challenges to social life and wellbeing
  • Some onsite facilities don`t much privacy with shared rooms and bathrooms
  • Maintaining healthy relationships with your family and friends
  • How to share the workload with partners when at home and at work
  • Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits at home and at work
  • Missing important events like birthdays, the birth of children, anniversaries
  • Limited support for FIFO families
  • Normal annual leave can change depending on the roster you are working
  • It may be difficult to attend to financial and health services on certain rosters
  • How to managing fatigue at work and at home
  • Will you be paid for travelling to and from the mine site(FIFO, DIDO, BIBO)?

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