FIFO jobs for Sunshine Coast

FIFO jobs for Sunshine Coast

FIFO mining workers benefit from Sunshine Coast fly-in-fly-out mining jobs. Qantas plane prepares to depart Sunshine Coast airport for mine sites.

Mining jobs increase creates opportunity for Sunshine Coast FIFO hub

Strong confidence in job creation in and around the Sunshine Coast has been demonstrated yet again as the region`s first fly-in fly-out service to the mines begins operation on 9th January 2012. Skytrans recently inked a deal with Rio Tinto Coal set to provide four flights per week which depart from the Sunshine Coast arriving at Clermont in Central Queensland. Other companies plan to take advantage of the new service with BHP Billiton joining at a later date.


An estimated 1000 mining jobs will be created through the new service, adding to the Coast’s existing Aergo charter flights to Middlemount, Clermont and Moranbah mine sites.

Skytrans’ south-east Queensland manager Steve Bellamy commented, “More and more people are wishing to work in the mines and this gives them the opportunity to do so,” He added, “Mining companies will now be looking to the Sunshine Coast for employees because these services are available””

A spokesman for Registered Training Organisation, Industry Pathways, said the new service shows the confidence big mining companies have in their ability to source workers from the region. He added, “As far as employment is concerned, everything is being set in place and it`s just a matter of time before people in the region see more mining employment opportunities come their way.”

FIFO jobs for Sunshine Coast


  1. Daryl April 28, 2015 Reply

    Hi I have just completed my Cert 2 & 3 Security Officer course and would like to get into Security Guards/Patrols in the mines I am on the Sunshine Coast as usual where do I begin.
    Any Help Greatly Appreciated.
    Highest regards

    • Author
      John April 30, 2015

      Hi Daryl, the best place to start is to get onto the net and start Googling ‘security jobs in the queensland mines’.

      As of 29 April 2015 follow this link for 196 Security Officer jobs in Queensland mining 196 Security Officer jobs in Queensland at

      iMINCO has worked with MSS Security and they are a good place to start. Go to their website

      Have a look through and then go find the jobs they are advertising at the moment. Go to, or any of the other jobs boards.

      r.e. where can I find security jobs in the Queensland mines
      iMINCO Mining Information

  2. Grace August 7, 2012 Reply

    Hey, I’m looking for an entry position within the mining company, that is FIFO, preferably administration or reception, but willing to start anywhere, in ANY position.

    any advice?


    • Pete August 8, 2012

      Hi Grace
      Mining companies are always looking for experienced people who have excellent organisational and people skills. You have the right attitude and a willingness to start you mining career from the entry level, which is often the first place to start when looking to get into mining in the types of jobs you want to do. The same rules apply as with any job you apply for, in any industry. I always tell people to do their research first. Go to the mining company websites first, learn about what it is they do and call the human resources department. Find out the name of the person who you need to speak to about applying for jobs with them, this is important and it means you can personalise your resume and cover letter too. Don’t be afraid to call them directly and be confident in asking about employment opportunities, they look for people who have good communication skills, especially in the admin and reception role.

      Look on SEEK here office administration jobs in mining. Mining job boards are always a good place to start. Read the ads and see what experience and qualifications you need. Make your resume focus on what they are telling you they require – but be honest and only add to your resume the skills you have (the best tip is to get a mining relevant resume created). More often than not, when you read a lot of job ads, you realise you have achieved a lot more than you thought in your job and it gives you new ideas on how to communicate your experience to the employer.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. Looking for an entry level mining job that is FIFO, preferably administration or reception

  3. shobha August 7, 2012 Reply

    Hi – I am looking for administrative work and am happy to do most admin work or counselling – but would like a good salary.


    Ms Shobha Varkey

    • Pete August 8, 2012

      Hi Shobah
      There’s a lot of people looking to get into the mines and we all want a good salary. Mining jobs pay well, yes – however, there are often long hours, travel and time away from home especially if you work in a remote mine site and have to FIFO to get to work. Look on SEEK for office administration jobs in mining. it’s a good place to start. I answered a similar question for a lady called Grace, you can read what I said on the FIFO jobs for Sunshine Coast article. Good luck with your search for a mining job. Be persistent, thorough and don’t stop trying until you get the job you have been looking for. Also, be realistic about earning that high salary off-the-bat. Mining jobs can pay very well, but just like any job, you have to be prepared to start where the opportunites are and work your way up.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. Getting into mining – entry level jobs

  4. Teasha August 2, 2012 Reply

    Hello I am looking for a FIFO position at a mine site in QLD, WA, NT and NSW as a cleaner kitchen hand/ Sandwich hand can you tell me were to start thank you.

    • John August 27, 2012

      Hi Teasha
      If you’re looking for a mining job as a cleaner/kitchen hand or even a cook and all-round utility job, I’ve found this job for you on Seek. Mining job – “Cook and all-round utility person“. The mining job boards are the first place to look for mining jobs. Here’s a FIFO cleaning job in the mines, that will suit you perfectly, if you don’t mind working out in WA. Make sure you have a good resume that highlights your skills and experience and above all it must be mine-specific. What I mean by that is, your resume should tell the mining employer how your experience will benefit their mining specific requirements. If you don’t know how to do this yourself, then take a look at our mining resume tips, or get a professional mining resume written for you. For the cost of a day’s wages in your new mining job, you could have a head start on the other people going for the same mining job. After all, getting the interview can often be the most challenging step in your future mining career, so you need to have the best opportunity of a face-to-face meeting.

      ..more mining resume tips

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. Looking for a FIFO mining job in QLD, WA, NT and NSW as a cleaner kitchen hand/sandwich hand.

  5. Rhonda January 31, 2012 Reply

    Hello I am looking for a FIFO position at a mine site in QLD as a cleaner kitchen hand can you tell me were to start thank you

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