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Existing Mine Worker Job Opportunities

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Existing Mine Worker Job Opportunities & Mining Careers

If you are currently employed in the mining industry and are looking to up-skill and increase your career opportunities, there has never been a better time to do so. Huge shortages of skilled positions on mine sites are forecast owing to the mining boom and demand is high now and more so in the future.

You should be looking to take advantage of this of the opportunity to upskill. There are plenty of options available to allow you to move into a job as a mine site supervisor for instance, by completing the relevant mining supervisor course. Risk management is an area where there will be continual growth owing to strict and changing Government legislation within the industry.

Did you know you can complete an online course that will give you the qualification and skills to become a supervisor with a focus on risk assessment, for under $1000?

If you’ve been in the industry a while and are familiar with hazard identification, management and control, then this course is for you.

Call (07) 5520 2522 for more information. You can complete the course in your own time and if you need help along the way, you will have access to a trainer who will help and assist if you need it.

Mining companies are constantly on the look out for employees who show initiative and a willingness to learn new skills and encourage further learning. Many mine site employees start out with the basic position then realise there is potential to jump into new mining careers whilst being employed on the same mine site.

Transitioning into mining jobs such as an WH&S officer or a training and assessment (TAE) officer are common career paths for many in the resource industry. Jobs like these are often available owing to the demanding work schedules and growth of the mining and resource industry.

If you’re equipped with the correct Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety or the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, your mining industry career could really take off.

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