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Entry Level Mining Jobs Are Out There

cleanskin mining jobsWe’ve heard through media reports that mining jobs are almost impossible to get for new starters entering the industry. Here’s a positive spin on entry level mining jobs – they’re still out there and if you read on, you’ll understand why.

Over half the workforce at BMA`s new Daunia mine in Queensland prove that entry-level mining jobs are still within reach of ordinary people.

According to a report on ABC Rural`s website, the BMA Daunia mine is proof, you don’t have to be a seasoned mine worker to get to the front of the line when mining jobs come about. You just often need the right training and mindset to get a foot in the door.

“almost 50% of new workers had no previous mine experience”

Forty seven per cent (nearly 200) of BMA`s employees at the mine have never worked in mining before, and come from such diverse backgrounds as teaching, office work and junior rugby league refereeing.

It’s a great job driving giant haul trucks

The workers interviewed by the ABC were sourced from Cairns and Brisbane to work as trainee operators of the mammoth 17-tonne CAT haul trucks at the Moranbah coal mine on a fly-in fly-out basis.

Human resource manager Brendan Storer said: “Some people haven’t driven anything larger than a family car before.”

He says the size of the equipment is one of the biggest challenges for people who’ve never been on a mine site before.

“We’ve got really good supervisors and really good trainers and assessors, so we’ve invested heavily in this training.”

Mining job realities

CAT 793F Haul TruckTrainees interviewed said they were working 7 day on, 7 day off rosters and although the 12 hour shifts were challenging, they were happy to be learning new skills and found they were actually able to spend more time with their families due to FIFO andthe rosters giving them a full week off.

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Reference: Entry Level Mining Jobs | BMA Daunia mine almost 50% of new workers have no previous mining experience

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