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Entry-level Mining Jobs List – August 2020

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3334 entry-level Mining Jobs available right now.

Find jobs in housekeeping, stores, catering, kitchens, driving buses, in security roles, being a receptionist, concreting, electrical, plumbing  and much, much more.

Here we are in August 2020 and once again we’ve created a list of the most recent entry-level mining jobs, to help you find an entry-level in job the mining industry. Every job listed here, in the category can be viewed by clicking the link. You’ll see a big list of entry-level mining jobs, then all you need to do is scroll through and see which ones fit your current skills, experience and situation.

Before applying for these entry-level jobs, make sure you’ve looked at your resume lately and it’s up to date. More importantly, the resume should target the job you’re applying for. If you need help, see our mining resume guide here.

Entry-level Mining Jobs List

It’s very important you also understand how job applications are received. For the most part, a computer reads your resume and cover letter first. Scanning it for keywords that match the job ad as well as those skills they’ll never mention. It’s one thing to do the job, but the other important factor is how you fit into the culture of the business. Your attitude and mindset ultimately play a huge roll in whether you get an interview or – not. Automatic Resume Screening software and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by recruiters to filter out the applications which  have no relevance to the job.

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If your resume passed the ATS robots, then recruiters spend an average of 30-40 seconds on each resume, so it’s important to capture their attention quick and make sure you’re one of the people who get an interview. If the thought of an interview makes you quake in your boots – don’t worry, we’ve got an eBook to help you deal with all of that. Get the Interview Tips eBook here.

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  117 Housekeeping jobs in mining and resources
  96 Field Assistant
  59 Service Administrator
  77 Storeperson
  9 Cook
  14 Catering Assistant (kitchenhand)
  15 Kitchenhand
  164 Leading hand
  59 Carpenter
  965 Electrician
  241 Electrician Auto
  31 Concreter
  138 Cleaner
  40 Receptionist
  47 Bus Driver
  26 Security Officer jobs in mining
  35 Security Guard
  164 Trades Assistant in Mining
  145 Customer Service Officer
  223 Driller offsider
  390 Labouring jobs in mining
  77 Construction labourer
  173 Trainee mining jobs
  3 Trainee MCU Operator
  26 Drill and blast trainee jobs in the mines
  3334 < total

This is an updated list of the most recent entry-level mining jobs that updates automatically.

Entry-level Mining Jobs List

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Entry-level Mining Jobs List

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