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Entry level mining jobs – free e-book

A mining job in Australia can give you a great start especially when you’re dreaming of earning a fat pay packet.

Let’s face it, high wages and the opportunity to build a solid career are the main attractions for working in the mines. However – just how do you get a start in the mines?

iMINCO is a mining information company. Many people send in their resumes to us and ask us for jobs – however, we are not a mining company and we don’t place people in mining jobs.

There are specialist mining recruitment companies that will place adverts on behalf of mining companies and handle the selection of suitable applicants right through to employment agreements.

So what does iMINCO do and how can we help people when it comes to mining in Australia?

Let’s keep it really simple.

You know when you have an idea about a future career and you think to yourself, “I wish I knew more about mining, but I’ve no idea where to start and what I should be looking for”.

Well – that’s exactly how thousands of people do think, wondering if a job in the mines is right for them. We get a lot of questions from people who ask about entry level mining jobs and jobs in the mines that are suitable for unskilled workers.

Entry level mining jobs are for people who want to work in the mining industry but don’t have any formal qualifications, certificates or trade qualifications. There are some amazing opportunities for this type of employment – you just have to know where to start looking, and we can show you where.

“the mining industry offers some incredible opportunities”

Like we said before, the mining industry offers some incredible opportunities for people who are prepared to work hard and don’t mind long hours and time away from home – especially when working a FIFO mining job.

It all starts with mining industry knowledge

If you think of iMINCO as a mining news and information service, you’ll start to get an idea of what we’re all about. Our sole focus is to keep you informed about what’s happening in the mining and resource sector in Australia. We do this because we know that people who are thinking of getting into mining, or tradespeople who are confused about the process, don’t always have the time to work it all out.

Good information is hard to find, what’s even harder to find is the good news and where the jobs are today and where they will be in the future. Mining in Australia has changed from what it was 2 years ago. It was not that long ago that anyone who could stand up straight for more than 10 hours a day could roll up to a mine site and get a job.

“riding the crest of a resources boom”

The mining industry was riding the crest of a resources boom, driven by an insatiable demand from China and other developing nations in Asia. Western Australia boomed as the proceeds from sales of iron ore created a wealthy economy and literally the average working bloke found he could make a $100,000 salary very easily – even without having any previous experience.

Like all good things, they have a point where they start to lose traction and the wheels start to wobble and fall off. This ‘wobble’ has hit Australian mining companies hard, with many of the bigger miners like Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortescue having to take out the knife and slash their mining costs dramatically to keep themselves and their employees in business.

Mining companies had so much cash coming in the door, they let go of the need to manage costs and things got way out of hand. The poor management of mining costs really hit home when customers’ demand slowed.

Jobs in the mines for life

The last 12 months have been a real challenge for workers who once thought they had jobs in the mines for life. The hardest sector to be hit from the slackening off of the commodities market were the armies of mining contractors. Many were forced to find other employment as mining companies turned off the tap and let go of mining operations that eroded their profitability.

So here we are in 2014, mining is still providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for everyday Australians, with a big percentage of these jobs being turned over every year and new jobs created daily. There are still mining and energy projects in Australia on the to-do list that total some $160 billion dollars – everything is not lost.

“jobs competition has never been more fierce”

Job adverts still fill up the mining jobs boards like SEEK, CareerOne, iMINCO, INDEED and others. As with any industry, there are many people applying for the same jobs and competition has never been more fierce and there’s a need for job seekers to be more resourceful and creative in their job search and discovery techniques.

We mentioned earlier that iMINCO is a mining information company – this is what we do. We do a lot of reading, researching and writing, and the end result is we can empower people just like you, so you can work out if a mining career is really what you want.

Thousands of people want entry level mining jobs

You could spend hours looking through dozens of websites trying to find answers to the questions about mining jobs, especially those mining jobs that are at the entry level – but who has time to do that?

The solution is to get a copy of the iMINCO e-book “The Experts Guide to Entry Level Mining Jobs”. This easy-to-read book shows you everything you need to know to get started in the mines. From unskilled mining jobs to career development opportunities, this free book will really help you decide whether a mining job is for you or not.

“you’ll have a better understanding of the mining industry”

The book is in PDF format and takes about 45 mins to read. There’s room to make notes and scribble in the margins, so we encourage you to do this. Once you have read this book you’ll have a better understanding of the mining industry and what types of jobs you can do – and more importantly, how to start doing something about it.

If you’re serious about a mining career, then the ‘Experts Guide to Entry Level Mining Jobs” e-book could be just what you need to get started.

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