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Entry Level Mining Jobs

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Start Off Right With Entry Level Mining Jobs 

Entry Level Mining JobsEntry level mining jobs are the best way for interested individuals to break into the industry.  There are a number of positions that can offer the opportunity to ease into the field and allow you to build up the body of experience you`ll need to progress further.  Rather than trying to dive in head first at a more advanced position, it is highly recommended that first time workers start at the bottom level and work their way up. 

Though these positions can be more basic and, in some cases, repetitive, they are nonetheless an important part of the overall function of any mining operation and are therefore important in their own right. You can find anything from drilling to working as an assistant in the field or to a trade assistant.  Almost every phase of a mining operation has these types of jobs and they are worth searching into. 

Surveying is the first step in any mining operation.  It is the surveyor`s job to check prospective mine sites and determine whether or not they are actually viable.  Every surveyor needs a surveyor`s assistant, and this is one of the more popular of entry level mining jobs.  A surveyor`s assistant can help to clear a potential mine site of debris prior to a survey being taken, can help with carrying out down hole surveys to determine if there are any deposits and can help to assemble and disassemble the surveyor`s equipment before and after every job. 

Field assistants do related work.  These employees actually work in the lab, but they also travel to prospective sites and take samples, then run them through computer programs to determine the soil content.  They may also help to restore a site to its previous condition after a mine’s operational life has come to an end, to help minimize the impact on the environment. 

Other entry level mining jobs include sample preparer.  These are employees that take samples of soil and prepare them for further examination.  This may entail crushing rock to get at mineral deposits or using computer equipment in the lab to determine the content of a sample or calculate how best to go about extracting it. 

If driving is more to your liking, you might want to consider operating a water truck.  Water is an essential resource at every mining site and it must often be brought to and from remote sites and is used to keep the dust down.  Driving a water truck can lead to operating other pieces of heavy equipment including dump trucks and excavators. 

As with any profession, it is always necessary to find your way from the bottom up.  This is particularly true of those with no prior mining experience.  For these individuals, entry level mining jobs are the perfect way to get your foot in the door.  All it takes is a little patience and persistence and before you know it, you`ll be working your way up to more challenging positions. 

If you`re trying to break into the mining industry, don`t get discouraged.  It may take some time, but your effort will be well worth it in the end.  It can be a long journey and it begins with securing an entry level position. Then you`ll have your foundation and you can build a satisfying career from there.iminco logo

Entry Level Mining Jobs

Dump Truck Operator Salaries

How much do dump truck production operators earn in the mines?

Depending on where you live, or which state the mine is located in, as you can see from the information below, the salaries are very different. In Queensland and New South Wales, mining wages are pretty much the same for Dump Truck Operators. Working at a Western Australian mine you can expect to earn about 20% more than if you worked in QLD or NSW.

Dump truck operator jobs are advertised on SEEK and other mining jobs boards regularly.

According to online jobs website Indeed (au.indeed.com), the average salary for a Dump Truck Production Operator in Australia is $41.98 per hour. Salary estimates are based on 326 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Dump Truck Drivers. The data was collected from past and present job ads on Indeed over the last 36 months.

Payscale.com Dump Truck Driver Pay Estimates

Looking at the salary of an entry-level Dump Truck Driver with less than 1 year experience, you can expect to earn an average hourly wage (includes bonus, and overtime pay) of AU$42 based on 24 pay reviews.

With so many different and conflicting articles about salaries, it's difficult to know what the exact take home pay is for a Dump Truck Operator.

Blackwater, Queensland Dump Truck Salaries +40%

According to Payscale.com, Dump Truck Operators in the Queensland Bowen Basin area of Blackwater, earn an average of 39.7% more than the national average. Dump Truck Operators also get more money in Western Australia (26.6% more) and Kalgoorlie (17.0% more). The lowest salaries can be found in Melbourne, Victoria (19.6% less), Brisbane, Queensland (16.2% less) and Sydney, New South Wales (14.3% less).

SEEK mining job salaries for dump truck production operators

dump truck operator job salaries Queensland Australia - iMINCOdump truck operator job salaries Western Australia mining - iMINCOdump truck operator job salaries NSW coal mining - iMINCO

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What are dump truck operator employers looking for?

The following list is a collection of requirements you'll find in most advertised dump truckk operator jobs

  • Experience operating CAT trucks
  • A willingness to work rotating rosters
  • Ability to contribute and work positively in a team environment
  • Able to pass a pre-employment medical including drug and alcohol test
  • Competitive Hourly Rate plus super on all hours worked
  • Current Drivers Licence
  • Current Standard 11 or willing to obtain a Standard 11
  • Have a strong commitment to safety and Zero Harm and ensure this is a
  • priority and at the forefront of all your decision-making
  • Have a strong work history
  • High level of safety awareness
  • Relevant current RII Competencies
  • Relevant RII/ SSE sign offs/ Competencies
  • Right to work in Australia - Birth Certificate or Australian Passport
  • Sound Work History
  • Be reliable and a team player
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