RIIWHS202D Confined Spaces Training Course Brisbane
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RIIWHS202D- Enter & Work in Confined Spaces

We are seeing more and more jobs advertised that require the applicants to hold a current qualification in confined spaces training. This is not limited to mining production jobs either, we see a greater number of Trades Assistant jobs in the civil construction industry requiring this qualification.

Who is this course for?

For anyone who has an obligation to work in a cramped or confined environment. If you are a plumber, gas fitter, cleaner, spray painter, welder, painter, sand blaster and looking for a recognised qualification employers look for - then this is the course you need.

Every mining company employee and contractor MUST comply with WHS law. When it comes to selecting candidates, recruiters are being very choosy by selecting those that have the right mix of skills and nationally recognised qualifications.

This qualification is highly recommended and is recognised across many industry sectors such as mining, extractive industries, metalliferous andcivil construction.

After successfully completing this course, you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment which is recognised under theAustralian Qualifications Framework.

Course Content

  • Highly interactive, real scenarios
  • Plan and prepare for entering and working in confined spaces including safety requirements, entry permit, emergency response procedures, tools and equipment, signage and barriers
  • Enter and work in confined space which includes atmosphere testing, lock-out procedures and communication
  • Exit confined space. Recover tools, equipment and materials, inspect confined space and secure access, complete entry permit; and
  • Clean up and dispose of recycle materials. Check, maintain and store tools and equipment

Course Details

Price: $380

Duration: The RIIWHS202D Enter & Work in Confined Spaces course is only 1 day

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