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Emerald coal mine jobs are real, GVK says

Fight is on for Emerald coal mine jobs in Queensland

The Galilee Basin has been in the news once again as ACTIVISTS were intent on disrupting the Galilee Basin’s vast coal resources and in the process denying Central Queenslanders arounf 800 local jobs with GVK Hancock’s mega mine, Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche claimed.

Roche said the green groups were more upbeat that usual after their defeat to have the Great Barrier Reef listed by the World Heritage Committee as in danger from the proposed Adani Carmichael mine development which would create the possibility of more Emerald coal mine jobs for locals.

“All these activists are not about saving farmers’ land, protecting the water supply and saving the Great Barrier Reef. It’s always been about stopping coal projects in Australia, particularly in Queensland,” Mr Roche said.

“At the end of the day, if they are trying to save the world and have concerns about climate change, where is the sense in keeping the coal in the ground in Queensland only for it to be supplied from another country?”

“These activists want to deny jobs for Central Queenslanders.”

GVK Hancock external affairs general manager Josh Euler said Emerald coal mine jobs for those workers in the surrounding communities like Barcaldine would be available although a 70-80% FIFO mix for its proposed Alpha, Alpha West and Kevin’s Corner thermal coal mines in Queensland.

“At the end of the day, here are legal challenges delaying the coal projects… a handful of anti-mining protesters using the courts to hold up these projects and delay jobs for the region,” Mr Euler said.

“I understand the frustrations because thousands of jobs in coal mines in Queensland are going to be created with these mining projects and everyone is keen for things to progress, however at the moment we are being held back and we cannot step outside the court processes.

“It would be great if the Environmental Defender’s Office would do the right thing by Central Queenslanders and stop the legal challenges as this GVK project will deliver much needed mining jobs in the state.”

Mr Roche said, despite the loss of momentum on the GVK Hancock and Adani Galilee coal projects which had been dogged continually by the interference of the activists. The focus of many of the activists was targeted at banks in the hope that funding for the development of new coal mines in the Galilee Basin would be rejected.

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan this week called for Greenpeace to lose its tax-deductible status.

Mr Roche agreed.

“These are organisations that take donations from well-meaning people and the condition is they are subsidised by the tax payer via their tax deductibility,” Mr Roche said.

“Just to rub it in further, the bottom line is the demand for coal on a global scale is there.

“It is a credit to companies like GVK and Adani that they are staying on track and are resilient in their resolve to get their coal projects off the ground – no matter what.”

Roche went on to say he was extremely confident these coal projects slated for the Galilee Basin will become a reality and staying up to date with Queensland mining news for the proposed GVK Hancock’s Alpha mine development and Adani’s Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin is essential.

There are potentially going to be thousands of mining jobs in the region should these projects kick off. The reality is, the world needs coal to generate electricity. We all have individual views on which fuel is best to power the world’s thirst for electricity and whichever way you look at it, coal is the preferred option.

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