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Dump Truck Operator Jobs

How to find Dump Truck Operator Jobs online

New open-cut mines mean more jobs for multi-skilled operators

In recent months there have been a number of approvals for new mine developments in Queensland and NSW. Not all new mining developments are met with instant approval from the local communities, in fact, it seems like every new mine that is on the drawing board has met with one form of objection or another.

Despite local governments supporting mine development, as well as having to keep the peace, new coal mines seem to be popping up everywhere. Bubbling under the radar of mainstream media, there are many smaller mining companies as well as the larger ones who are ‘getting on with the job’.

For the most part, these types of mining projects are made known to those who choose to keep themselves updated with Australian mining news and those who choose to ignore them may be missing out.

There are literally thousands of mining jobs being advertised every single day on Australian mining jobs boards. Whether you are an existing mine worker who is looking for better opportunities, or someone who is considering a career change – mining still offers some exciting career options.

One of the most popular types of jobs in the mines is that of the Mobile Plant Operator. This type of job involves the operation of many different types of machinery commonly found on a mine site. Many experienced operators of these types of machines have made the transition into the mining industry quite easily by way of RPL (Regognised Prior Learning), or taking a competency-based practical examination.

Practical assessments are usually carried out at a location that is used as a simulated mine site, or regulated training area. Operators are given tasks that they would normally be expected to undertake on a mine site, whilst being graded and assessed by authorised assessors.

There are many experienced operators who find it easy to be in control of a variety of machines, including, but not limited to, dump trucks, excavators, graders, front-end loaders, back-hoe’s, water trucks and various types of dozers. Operators who have qualifications and experience operating multiple types of mining machinery are in high demand.

This is because, in today’s cost-sensitive mining industry, mining companies are watching every dollar they spend, so having multi-skilled operators on the payroll is a massive benefit. Having machinery operators who can safely operate a dump truck in the morning, a loader in the afternoon and a dozer in the late evening shift is a big plus.

Where to find Mobile Plant Operator jobs on the mining jobs boards

Mining jobs boards are increasing in popularity and with the uptake of smartphones and tablets, more and more people take to jobs boards to seek out new opportunities. Not everyone is happy to use these jobs boards, in fact many people don’t understand technology and are confused by the process of online job applications.

This is understandable, although, when you break down the process, it starts to make sense and anyone can learn how to do it.

In this example, iMINCO received notifications of several jobs in the mining industry for operators of all disciplines. These jobs were advertised on a variety of mining jobs boards and represented a common cross-section of the industry. We sampled the advertised jobs by WorkPac, Corestaff and Programmed Integrated Workforce.

The jobs were made available owing to previous ‘mining job alerts’ that had been programmed into these websites. The purpose of the alerts is to notify our editorial team of new jobs,and wein turn contact thousands of subscribers to iMINCO Project News who have expressed an interest in hearing about the best types of mining job opportunities.

Mobile Plant Operator jobs

Every one of the listed jobs below was originally advertised on the Australian government website jobsearch.gov.au. This website was set up to try to create a process of advertising through one channel and to allow the majority of job seekers to locate all of the advertised jobs in one simple website.

Whilst this was a good idea at the time, some companies chose to use this jobs board as a way to generate interest in the products and services they supply online. These companies are not recruitment companies, nor do they directly have available jobs within their organisation.

This has created confusion for many people, as the steps involved to get to a website where a resume can be uploaded, are many!

For the purpose of this example, we will focus on the mobile plant operator job ads below. Click the link to view the job.

Common requirements Mobile Plant Operators

Of the seven jobs advertised, the list below shows what employers expect of their operators. This list highlights the important qualifications and skills thatmay berequired.


  • Be available for an immediate start
  • Able to pass a pre-employment medical & DAS

Personal Attributes

  • A willingness to work rotating rosters
  • Ability to contribute and work positively in a team environment
  • Sound work history

As you can see from the lists above, mining recruiting specialists have very specific requirements for each type of job advertised.It’s quite common for recruitment companies to load up the job requirements in order to weed out those applicants who may apply for many jobs, despite not having the relevant experience.

So there you have it, that is an example of how jobs can be found online and an overview of what types of jobs multi-skilled operators can be expected to perform on a mine site.

What’s next?

One of the biggest failings of online jobs applications, for applicants anyway, is the rise and widespread use of ‘resume scanning software’, or Applicant Tracking Systems as they are also known. The challenge for most people is understanding why resumes are scanned and why it’s important to create a resume that can get past these processes.

Thankfully, iMINCO has created a couple of guides that explain exactly how to create a mining resume and how to beat the applicant tracking systems . . . you can download these for free below.

Resume tips for mining jobs

Beat resume scanning software - e-book iMINCO


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