Dump Truck Operators Bowen Basin - Urgent Large Project - iMINCO

Experienced Dump Truck Operators to work on a coal mining project in the Bowen Basin.

Dump Truck Operators Bowen Basin - Urgent Large Project

Dump Truck Operators – 7/7 Roster

One Key Resources Supplies specialist operators, trades persons and professionals to mining, gas and construction projects across Australia.

To be successful in this role, you will require:

  • 3 years + experience with the following machinery:
    • CAT 789 and 793 Mechanical Dump Trucks
  • Willingness to pass a PEM and D&A Test

The qualification/certifications required include:


  • Immediate Start
  • Meals & Accommodation provided
  • 7/7 Roster
  • Competitive Hourly Rates
  • Ongoing Work


Give yourself every opportunity to get this job. If you are applying, don’t send in your normal resume and cover letter. Make sure your resume is edited to show requirements for this job, or your application could be automatically rejected.

When you apply for this job Dump Truck Operators, take a look at your current resume and cover letter. Always match the first page of your resume to details of the job. Search the job ad for keywords and add them into your resume because if you don’t, your application may be scanned and rejected before it even gets read by a human.

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