Dump Truck Operations - Haul Truck Training Course Brisbane

Dump Truck Operations

Includes extensive theory and practical training, driving (day and night),†Mining Induction safety course (Standard 11), Access to mining jobs boards, Post-training job support, haul truck manual and training manuals.

Book this course and save $$$.

“There is still a high demand for haul truck drivers on mine, resource and civil sites and the opportunities for rewarding employment look extremely promising in 2014.”


“Dump truck drivers can expect to earn over $120,000 a year working in a mining operation”

Employers, when choosing operators focus on four main areas.

  • Safety and responsiblity

  • Realistic Training (day and night time driving)

  • Attitude & mindset

  • Experience & ability

The better the hands-on dump truck operations training, the better chance you have of getting one of the highly sought-after positions.

iMINCO partners with Industry Pathways (Queensland based) who have designed their dump truck course after talking with mining, resource and energy employers.

Valuable skills mining employers are looking for

This comprehensive dump truck operations training course will teach you the valuable skills mining employers are looking for.

The course is run on a mine site where you will interact with excavators, water trucks, light vehicles and other machinery. You will face the everyday hazards you’ll encounter when you finally get a job and you are working in a production environment.

This course is nationally recognised†(RIIMPO311A – Conduct Haul Truck Operations), so you will be able to apply for jobs as a haul truck driver in anywhere in Australia.

Also, you’ll have the right certification to work within the coal, quarrying and metaliferous mines – that’s a lot more opportunities for employment.


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You need to understand the importance of Safety Training

The course will help you understand mine site operations. When completed you will be able to demonstrate your safety focus in the interview and on site.

Radio Communications

POS comms (Positive communication) is one of the cornerstones of their safety first approach and is embedded in all their training. Employers regard POS comms as an essential employability skill.

Dump Truck Training Course

Realistic Mine-Site and Mining Environment Training

The dump truck operations training course far exceeds the requirements of the unit of competency (RIIMPO311A – Conduct Haul Truck Operations) and Industry Pathways are proud of their record of training for employment.

Night time driving included

The course also includes extensive night time driver training.

“real-world experience you’ll not find anywhere else”

Not only will you be driving a CAT haul truck in the dark, you will be working with loaders and excavators. This is real-world experience you’ll not find anywhere else in a training course.

You will also focus on emergency braking, skid pan tests to improve your skills in areas that are a big concern to mining companies. When you have these skills, it makes a heck of a difference to your confidence, which will really shine at the interview..

These aspects of the training course will make your resume shine compared to other job applicants, dramatically improving your chances of getting a well paid mining job.

All Industry Pathways dump truck course trainees get:

  • Benefits of the 100ha off-site training centre (it prepares you for working in a mining environment)
  • A carefully designed, intensive 5 day course for maximum time behind the wheel.
  • Night time driving, reversing, loading, tipping and parking.
  • Realistic mining conditions (a key factor employers look for).
  • Instruction on defensive driving.
  • Skidpan control lessons.
  • A 400m haul road straight (which is unusual in training environments).
  • Emergency braking (to show employers you can handle their trucks).
  • Includes black coal competency.
  • A nationally recognised ticket so you can work anywhere in Australia.
  • Connection to a list of potential employers through our network.
  • Weekly dump truck job alerts.
  • Access to a post-training support network with bucket loads of information to help you build your knowledge of the Australian mining industry.
  • Resume help to allow you to create a resume that gets your application noticed
  • Free guides and e-books, covering resumes, interviews, apprenticeships etc
  • Information on how to research job opportunities across the many mining jobs boards… and much more

Mindset and attitude

We believe you need to be MIND-Ready and not just MINE-READY to work in the mining industry. The Industry Pathways course trainers focus on getting you ready for your mining career and they make you aware of the social, emotional, psychological and cultural aspects of living and working in a tight knit mining operation.

They will help you hit-the-ground-running and fast-track your career opportunities.

Yes, Experience Does Matter and News Starters are also in demand

Whilst there is a continuing push for companies to hire “cleanskins”Ě, the more similar experience you can get, the more likely you will be of securing a long-term position. The Industry Pathways post training job support helps students find these cleanskin opportunities.

Pre-bookings are essential.

Dump Truck Operations – Training Course Details

Unit of Competency: RIIMPO311A Conduct Haul Truck Operations

The RTO conducting the training is Industry Pathways (#32513).

Offsite Mining Training Center iMINCO Mining Information

Offsite Mining Training Center iMINCO Mining Information


The dump truck operations training is held on a mine site 31km west of Brisbane Queensland.

The realistic mine site sits on 100ha, with a 2.4km circuit and 400m long straight haul truck road.

There are plenty of challenging driving conditions, including declines, inclines and a range of different substrates so you can really learn what is required to drive haul trucks on a real mine site.

Location Map for the Dump Truck Course – Chum Street, Dinmore, Queensland.

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Need inexpensive accommodation whilst you do the course?

Don`t live in Queensland or close to Brisbane? No problems.

Carols Country accommodation is approx 15 min from the Industry Pathways training facility and set on 3 acres in a semi-rural/residential area in Thagoona.

Download the accommodation brochure here (PDF)

[/toggle] [toggle title=”How often are the courses run?”] They are run every week, however, they tend to sell out fairly quickly. Once you`ve booked your spot, we can co-ordinate with you on the times and dates that best suits your time-frame and availability. Call the training office or use this form to enquire about dates that suit your shedule.[/toggle] [/toggles]

Please note: Basic English, reading and writing skills are necessary due to safety requirements on mine sites. You will not be accepted at the course should you not have these basic skills.

You can also undertake other machinery tickets such as front end loader, bobcat, and dozer. Contact the training office on 07 5520 2522 for packaged pricing and save!
Please read the refund policy before booking this course.

As iMINCO is an information provider and not an RTO, we utilise the extensive training and industry experience of Industry Pathways (NPN: 32513), who are a leading provider of mining training.

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      Hi Glen, there is a truck load of information hereHaul truck course Queensland that would will find very useful.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. How much is a dump truck driving course. RIIMPO338D – Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations

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