Dump truck jobs and mining jobs boards explained

Dump truck jobs in Australia – how to find the latest mining jobs online

The internet has replaced the print newspaper classified jobs section. When was the last time you bought a newspaper to find a job?

I reckon the answer to that would be pretty similar for a lot of people. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw machinery operator jobs advertised in a major newspaper. Of course some of the local papers run smaller ads for private companies, but you’ll hardly see mining jobs for qualified machinery operators.

Since this shift to online jobs boards has now become part of the jobs search process, the online jobs space has become more and more crowded. The increase in websites and digital jobs boards has created more confusion than ever.

Let’s explain that.

How the job advertising and recruiting process works

In the mining sector, just as in many other sectors, there are the employers and the recruiters. The big mining companies like Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortescue Metals Group for instance have their own Human Resources departments. These in-house teams of trained people are responsible for keeping the workforce harmony balanced. They deal with internal issues as well as form part of the hiring and firing squad.

Owing to the workload of many HR departments, most companies tend to follow the traditional and established practice of contracting recruiting companies to handle their staff on-boarding. In simple terms, the recruiting company does all the advertising and screening of candidates before presenting the final list to the employer.

The different types of jobs boards

What is a jobs board? A jobs board is a collection of jobs that can be found on a website. There can be thousands of jobs on a website, from hundreds of employers and recruiting companies, in a wide range of categories.

Some jobs boards can be found on the major mining and resource sector company websites. In fact, every mining company will have their own jobs board or careers section where you can browse and apply for jobs.

Mainstream jobs boards

Then there are the mainstream jobs boards like SEEK, Career One, Skilled etc. These are websites that allow recruiting and private companies to advertised their clients or internal jobs.

Australian aggregator mining jobs boards

Then we have what we call the ‘aggregator’ website like My Career, Simply Hired and Stellar. These websites collect all of the jobs advertised on other jobs boards and showcase them on their own websites.

International jobs boards in Australia

For the most part, these websites use these jobs as ‘bait’ to attract job seekers to their website to make money off Google. You may recognise these websites when searching for jobs in the mining industry. Some of them are Indeed, JobDiagnosis, Adzuna and JobRapido.

These websites are global in their reach and they pervade many sectors of the jobs market. The aim of these websites is to sell additional services as well as make supplementary income from Google ads on a network called ‘Adsense’. These website attract millions of visitors and in doing so, a large amount of visitors click on adverts (most of the time without knowing it) and the website owners get paid a commission by Google.

These type of jobs boards that advertise mining positions, can create a lot of confusion. There is so much going on on the web page, that it’s difficult to know what top do or who you are giving your personal details over to.

So what’s the solution?

At the moment, there isn’t one. The only advice iMINCO can give is to go to the bigger websites like SEEK to see the jobs that are being advertised by employers and recruiters. At least this way, you will have confidence these jobs are for real and SEEK is a trusted source of information too.

And another thing…


One of the jobs boards we’d like to draw your attention to is jobsearch.com.au. This again, is an example of an ‘aggregator’ website that collects thousands of ads from other advertisers and places them on one website.

This website is a fine example of how their business model is to make money from Google by adding as many jobs on their website as possible. This is again, confusing for job seekers, because there is too much to click on and although the job being advertised is always almost legitimate, there is a step-by-step process to follow before you can even see the job advertised.

Job seekers will typically see a list of jobs like the ones below and click on the link to see the job details.

So let’s go through a few jobs and see what happens

  • Electrical Dump Truck Operator
    Web Jobs – Port Hedland WA
    This job had a link to CareerOne, but the job dump truck operator job is no longer available and a waste of our time.
  • Dump Truck Operator
    Web Jobs – Clermont QLD
    This is a job advertised by WorkPac. When we clicked on the link to see the original advertisement, the website is CareerOne, but the job is not there. Another example of a waste of time and creating frustration for the job seeker.
  • Dump Truck Operator
    Skilled Group – Sydney NSW
    This job has a direct link to the original job posted on Seek.com.au. We liked this one because it was easy to see the job details. When we clicked the ‘Apply’ button, the next website we went to was at Skilled.com.au, where we saw the same advert again. So just remember, this has been 3 websites we have been to so far. To apply for this dump truck operator job, we now have to create a profile of Skilled.com.au and join up. It’s free to do so, however, this is again a barrier to entry when all we want to do is apply for this job and upload a cover letter and resume.
  • Dump Truck Operator
    Web Jobs – Mackay QLD
    In this example, there was the option to apply for the job or see the original dump truck operator job advert. Clicking this link took us to the CareerOne website, where we were presented with yet another link to go to a website called Web Jobs. After clicking this link, the next website we were taken to was Stellar Recruitment. From here, the process of application for this dump truck operator job was quite straight forward. We could contact a real person or apply via the Stellar job application process.

As you can see, the job hunting process is never an easy one. Too many jobs boards have sprung up since more and more people have turned to the internet to search for career opportunities. The trick is to understand how these jobs boards operate and what, for the most part is the underlying reason for their existence. I think you’ll agree, for the most part, these jobs boards do not offer any help to the applicant in terms of how to apply, or even give them tips and direction on what the employer is ‘really’ looking for.

So the process of applying for jobs goes on and on like a washing machine cycle. The term wash, rinse and repeat is often used to describe the job application process. If you understand that the majority of job applicants have a lazy approach to job applications, it creates an amazing opportunity for those people who go the extra mile in creating a targeted job application.

What we mean by a targeted application is the applicant has taken the time to research the company advertising the job, they have looked for key words in the job ad, then took their resume apart and rebuilt it to make it align with the key points of the advert.

Using the right keywords in a job application is one of the most important features when sending in a digital version of your application. Special software is trained to look for these words and grade the applications as they pass through the upload section on a website. Resume screening by software is widely used by recruiters, so you had better be aware of what it is and how it works – but more importantly, how you can prevent your resume from receiving a low grade, which can result in a failed application.

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