Dump Truck Course

Dump Truck Course

Dump Truck Course

Information on the Dump Truck Course

Dump Truck Course

Are you looking to get into the mines driving a Dump Truck? If you answered ‘Yes’, to improve your chances of getting a mining job as a dump truck driver you must complete a Dump Truck Course.

There are opportunities to earn BIG money driving these huge trucks which weigh up to 40 tons (almost 600,000kg) and costing up to $7 million.

It takes specialist training to prepare you on safety, mechanical inspection procedures, work planning and documentation, check-lists and reporting you need to master – before you even get to sit behind the wheel.

Mining companies look to employ drivers who can demonstrate high levels of competence, duty of care and can operate a dump truck safely, whilst remaining alert and aware of other vehicles and other workers at all times.

Completing a Dump Truck Course will show your future employer that you’ve invested your time and money in a nationally recognised course (RIIMPO311A Conduct Haul Truck Operations) and you have met the Work Health and Safety requirements which is an important achievement you can add to your resume.

Dump Truck Course-  Dump Truck Course with iMINCO

Dump Truck Course location

The Dump Truck Course is held west of Brisbane, close to Ipswich, QLD. Once you`ve booked your spot, you will be contacted by the training organisation to confirm your booking and help you select a course date that suits your availability.

The trainers have real-world experience in the mining and resource industry – meaning they are very knowledgeable trainers who will prepare you for what to expect when driving a dump truck in all types of challenging situations, day or night, in wet and dry conditions.

The course focuses on safety, theory as well as plenty of time for driving. Once you’ve completed the training you’ll be ready to demonstrate your knowledge and prove to your future mining employer you know how to safely operate a dump truck in all types of environments.

Dump Truck Course Dinmore, Queensland

Choosing the right dump truck course

Choosing the right course is important; your future as a dump truck operator may just depend on it.

iMINCO partners with training organisation Industry Pathways to deliver the highest quality Dump Truck Course in Australia.

After completing the course, you’ll get instant access to a Post-Training Job Support network which will open up new employment opportunities. Resource companies and mining recruiters are always on the lookout for highly trained and appropriately qualified workers to safely operate a dump truck.

Dump Truck Course - Post Training Job Support for all students completing the Industry Pathways Dump Truck Course

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Dump Truck Course - more information on the Dump Truck Course with iMINCO

Upon successful completion of this course students are awarded a nationally recognised Certificate of Completion: RIIMPO311A Conduct Haul Truck Operations.Note: A workplace assessment must be signed off by a Supervisor or Manager before the full qualification can be given.

As iMINCO is an information provider and not an RTO, we utilise the extensive training and industry experience of Industry Pathways (NPN: 32513), who are a leading provider of Dump Truck Course and mining safety training and machinery operators courses.


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