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Downer Mining:At The Forefront Of Australia`s Mining Industry

Downer MiningDowner Mining has been providing a wide range of mining services to clients worldwide for over 90 years. In that time, they have been able to reach into all areas of mining, working with various ores, including coal and precious metals. They are one of Australia`s leading mining contractors and a significant employer, with over 5,000 jobs on their books, as well as over 1,500 contractors providing their services.

Mining is one of Australia`s leading industries, with diamond and gold mines leading the way in yearly production. But there are many other kinds of mines as well and Downer has come to prominence across the industry with their approach to the job and their concern for the environment. With mine safety and environmental damage, two of the biggest issues related to the industry, this puts Downer well ahead of the competition.

As a leading employer, Downer mining offers a wide range of services covering both underground and open-cut mining. Their clients include both domestic and international concerns, including Idemitsu Australia Resources and Peabody Energy Australia. No company has done more to give back to its country, with Downer taking strides to improve safety measures and preserve the environment through the use of cutting edge technology.

With services that include mobile plant maintenance and low-emissions mining solutions, Downer has always put safety first. They offer clients a full range of services that take them through every step of the mining process, with particular attention to mine infrastructure and planning, ensuring that every one of their operations maintains the highest possible safety standards.

At the same time, Downer has always maintained a high regard for sustainable development. Each Downer operation is committed to complete environmental sustainability. Steps are taken to maintain the integrity of the surrounding landscape and reduce the harm caused by mining functions.

That same approach extends to Downer`s employees, whose safety and security always come first. Downer recognises the inherent risks involved in mining and will stop at nothing to ensure that all of their employees are both well compensated and well cared for. This is a company that has literally built itself on the backs of its employees and it recognises that fact with its company policies.

By maintaining strict health, safety and environmental standards, Downer mining has made a name for itself. They combine unparalleled expertise in the field with an acute sense of honor and integrity, which has resulted in an employee base that remains loyal. Considering some dangerous aspects of the job, that kind of loyalty cannot be underestimated.

Working to tap into Australia`s rich natural resources while always keeping an eye on safety and environment, Downer Mining has made itself the standard in one of the country`s biggest industries. As long as mining continues to be an important part of Australia`s culture, Downer will be there to make sure that it is done right!

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