How to get into mining - career evening seminar - iMINCO

Career Pathways WorkShop Gold Coast Feb 2013

What people are saying about the Career Pathway Program workshops.

“Excellent service. Short to the point, fast moving, good interaction” Julie W

“Inspired us to use other sites to find jobs” Steve G

“Helped me to be more prepared for interviews, preparation, knowledge and research. Helpful and good advice” Amy O

“Love the CPP booklet “ well done “ very practical” Kerry R

“I found that the facilitator made me feel so comfortable in this informative seminar and so glad I was present” Debra C

“Good explanation on how to apply approach mining industry” Wayne S

“Good info received” Paul M

“Very well organised” Greg B

“The passion of the speaker made it easy to keep focused” Kimberley K

“I thought tonight was very interesting and relative” Glenn D

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