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Qualified and Experienced Underground CHEMICAL, VENTILATION and SECONDARY SUPPORT Operators

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Coal Mining Worker – Mackay & Coalfields

Coal Mine Worker Blackrock Mining Solutions Mining Information

Blackrock Mining Solutions provided specialized geotechnical and geological services to the coal mining industry.  Due to significant growth and demand from there clients they are seeking a qualified and experienced Underground CHEMICAL, VENTILATION and SECONDARY SUPPORT Operators to join experienced team.

They are an innovate company which rewards there employees for the effort they apply, with above industry average remuneration and benefits, packages, and professional development is considered as a must for all members of the team

Blackrock Mining Solutions are a leading diversified mining contractor. As part of the team you will be joining a group of innovative thinkers who work together to provide safe, ethical, cost effective and environmentally conscious outcomes that exceed there customers expectations.

Coal Mine Worker Blackrock Mining Solutions Mining Information

Must have core skills include:

  • Relevant experience in secondary support, and ventilation is required
  • Chemical application experience
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to intemperate plans

Job benefits and perks

  • Very competitive remuneration package
  • Professional Development – is provided and encouraged

Duration of Contract

  • Initial 3 month probation period to ongoing casual position

NOTE: When you apply for this job Coal Mine Worker, take a look at your current resume and cover letter. Always match the first page of your resume to details of the job. Search the job ad for keywords and add them into your resume because if you don’t, your application may be scanned and rejected before it even gets read by a human.

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This is an excellent opportunity to join a dynamic mining operation that recognizes achievement and offers genuine career opportunities. Submit an application for this position, use the Apply button below. Don’t forget you will need the appropriate mine site qualifications such as Standard 11 Induction Training

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