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Coal mine extension – Qld mining jobs to 2029

Queensland coal mine jobs are highly sought after because they can open up fantastic career opportunities.

We discover a new coal mine extension plan, if approved, could create over 100 new mining jobs west of Toowoomba, in the Surat Basin.

New Hope for Qld mining jobs

The New Hope Group has been operating coal mines in Queensland for many years, giving Queensland locals the opportunity to work at its coal mines and so providing the much needed economic benefits that go with it.

The Acland Coal mining operation in the Darling Downs, has been in operation for many years and at the end of 2011, it was clear mining operations would cease if an application to extend the mine was not presented to the Qld government.

In March 2012, the State government announced the mine extension would not be going ahead unless changes were made to the EIS and community concerns were addressed.

“new mine extension to increase current mining footprint by 50 per cent”

The new submission is currently in progress and is being reviewed by government and community groups. This is a large extension to the current mine and it is envisaged the new extension would account for 50 per cent of the size of the current lease area.

Coal reserves at the current New Acland operation are expected to be depleted by 2017. If the operations do not continue the mine could be closed in 2017.

Acland coal mining operations extended until 2019

The revised Acland Mine Project will extend New Acland coal mining operations by 12 years until about 2029. If the extension is approved, more Qld mining jobs will be created, boosting current mine jobs from 300 local jobs to about 435.

This would mean an increase to 170 full time contractor jobs and growing indirect mining jobs from about 2,300 to approximately 3,000.

“boosting current mine jobs from 300 local jobs to about 435”

Should the extension be granted, the New Acland Mining Projectwill give about 260 people jobs during the construction phase. In a bid to follow the lead of other mining companies in Queensland, New Hope intends to look for new employees from the local region.

“reference to locals who have the skills and qualifications”

Of course this may not always be possible, however, the community-focused mining company has given first preference to locals who have the right mix of skills and qualifications to work on the project.

New Hope Group stated their present operations provide mining jobs for employees who are based in Toowoomba (45%), Oakey (35%) and Warwick / Goondiwindi / Kingaroy (20%). There are no fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers employed at the mine sites at this time and New Hope Group have indicated it does not have a future plan to introduce FIFO workers.

“new mine to boost economic activity”

The new mine will also boost economic activity in the area through direct and indirect employment, investment and business opportunities in the Darling Downs region.

Mining operations provide a $300 million injection annually into south-east Queensland`s economy, including $110 million directly to the Darling Downs region. The revised Project will also provide a boost of$18.7 billion to the local, state and nationaleconomies over the life of the mine.

iMINCO encourages people who are looking for new employment opportunities in the mines to start researching the New Hope Group and start to prepare the correct paperwork and resume to apply for the new jobs – should they arise.

Preparing for Qld mining jobs with New Hope Group at the Acland Mine

Thousands of people visit iMINCO every day to discover the latest mining news, which in turn helps stimulate ideas and opportunities to find mining employment. Mining news and information can be found online by most people, however, it is not easy to locate and more importantly, not so easy to dig deep and uncover where the employment opportunities may be.

“Queensland offers immense mining job prospects”

Mining in Queensland is prevalent right across the state, from the Surat and Bowen Basins, across to Mt.Isa and as far as the northern tip of Queensland. As a mineral-rich state, Queensland offers immense job prospects for new starters as well as tradespeople who wish to move from civil construction into the mining and resource sector.

Queensland has a wealth of skilled mine-ready workers who are itching to get into the workforce. As well as skilled mine workers, there are just as many who have decided to invest in their future by completing a variety of training and mining induction courses, such as the Standard 11.

“there’s never been a better time”

With so many people competing for jobs in the mines, there’s never been a better time to knuckle down seriously think about building a bank of mining qualifications to fatten out the resume and get noticed by mining companies.

So strong is the determination to make a go of it in the mining sector, many people will keep active for months and months, asking friends and relatives if they know people in the mines, applying for jobs, fine-tuning their resumes and completing additional courses like 4WD, Light Vehicle, Work at Heights and Confined Spaces.

New technology and automation threat to mining jobs – is it real?

There is a lot of talk in the mining industry of jobs being lost to new technology and automation. Whilst this is true to some degree as the larger mining companies like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group have the cash and capacity to invest it driverless trucks, many of the junior miners do not have that luxury. We also must look at the other side of the coin when it comes to technology.

“IT, electronics and communication specialists will be in demand”

Whilst some job roles will be less reliant on human operations, technology improvements create a whole new world of possibilities for people who have a liking for IT, electronics and communication systems.

Heavy plant operator jobs

Dump truck jobs in mining are still widely advertised both in Western Australia iron ore mines as well as the Queensland and New South Wales coalfields,and the South Australian iron ore and other mineral mining operations. Take the New Hope Group for example, they employ highly skilled dump truck operators at their mine site to haul coal and overburden across the entire mine site.

Many of the plant operators are skilled at driving different types of mining machinery such as front-end loaders, water trucks, dozers and scrapers. This is another example of how the mining industry favours people who are multi-skilled, versatile and can work safely at all times with plant and machinery.

Where are the QLD mining jobs?

One of the biggest problems for many people who want to work in the mines is understanding where theQld mining jobs are. Many people simply wait until jobs are advertised then they apply for them.

Sounds like the right thing to do right?

When this happens, job seekers are competing with hundreds of other applicants and the recruiting company or mining company Human Resource staff are literally overwhelmed with applications.

“scanning software filters the weak job applications”

One of the ways mining companies deal with a flood of applications for their advertised jobs is to switch on the digital resume scanning software to ‘filter’ the weak applications.

Many people believe this never happens, however, iMINCO can assure you it is absolutely true – in fact, we’ve written an e-book on it. See the “How to beat resume scanning software” e-book in the list below… it doesn’t cost a cent.

If a resume is basic, badly laid out, is sloppy and contains grammar and spelling errors, or it has no keywords and does not target the job being advertised, then it will more than likely end up in the bin – a sad fact, but that’s the reality of it.

The list of links below will help unravel some of the mystery surrounding how to start building knowledge of the mining industry in Queensland and Australia. This is essential reading for new-starters who are setting their sights on a mining job of the future.

Essential E-books for mining jobs success

Mining courses you cantake to prepare for a career in the Qld mining industry

Further reading on the Acland Mine Extension application

Download the Acland Coal Mine extension EIS.

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