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Coal Generic Induction This Weekend

iMINCO Coal Generic Induction This Weekend
The coal generic induction course is held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

The training teaches you about safety and gives you a knowledge about the mining industry. If you have thought about getting one of the jobs in mining then this course is for you.

This course is a prerequisite for coal mines in Queensland and follows the requirements of Standard 11 [*Standard 11 Training*]. The course is run by Industry Pathways who have trainers that understand what you are trying to do and can assist you during the course to find the right direction so you can land the mining job.

What else is it called?

Coal Generic Inductions are also called Standard 11 [*Standard 11 Training*] Inductions or just a Generic Induction. They are all Mining Inductions that give you the same nationally recognised certification in the end.

Call today and talk to one of the career advisors to see if there are spots left in the location nearest to you 07 5520 2522



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