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Coal Board Medical

What A Coal Board Medical Assessment Includes and Why You Need One

Coal Board MedicalA Coal Board Medical is a physical assessment required for employment in the mines of Australia. The assessment is also required for continued employment. As long as you continue to be employed in one of Australia`s mines, you can expect to have a physical at least once every five years.

The main purpose of the assessment is to allow the nation`s “health scheme” to track the health of existing workers. Employers often require a pre-employment physical because many new employees have been working in the industry for some time. For those who have not worked in the industry, the assessment serves to ensure the worker is in good enough health to carry out the job requirements.

The assessments are performed by many clinics specialising in this testing. It typically takes an hour to complete the exam but you may want to allow extra time. The clinics are sometimes very busy. The testing is performed by Nominated Medical Advisers (NMAs).

The tests performed during the assessment may vary somewhat depending on where you work or plan to work. There are several yes or no type questions that are a part of the form. The employer must complete those questions.

There is usually a question about whether or not there is a risk of dust exposure on the job. The Coal Board Medical assessment will include X-rays if there is a dust exposure risk. Other questions relate to noise and hazardous duties that require specific fitness assessments.

There are questions for you to answer, as well.

These questions cover topics such as previous vaccinations and blood tests.

The questions are not that different from those used for other physical examinations, although there are some that are job-related. After answering the question, you will be required to sign a declaration, witnessed by the medical examiner verifying that the information you have supplied is true.

The Coal Board Medical exam includes tests for vision and hearing, heart and respiratory health, muscle and bone health. Your skin and abdomen will be examined. A urinalysis and blood sugar evaluation will be completed. A drug and alcohol screening is sometimes included or may be a separate cost.

Finding that you have a health problem does not necessarily mean you will be turned down for employment or that you will lose your job. It is the doctor`s responsibility to determine whether or not any health problems detected will affect your ability to perform your duties.

The examinations typically cost between $290 and $395. Having already completed a Coal Board Medical assessment may improve your chances of getting a job.

It shows you are serious about working in the mines.

P.S. iMINCO does not arrange Coal Board Medicals.


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