Cleanskin mining jobs in Australia

Clean skin jobs

Cleanskin jobs in mining. Opportunities for new employees looking for a job in the mines or who wish to further their career within the mining industry.

Cleanskin mining jobs in Australia (no experience needed)

Are you looking to work on a mine site but have no idea where to start? Do you have skills you can offer a mining company but have no relevant mine site experience or mine-ready certification?

It’s common to want a job in the mining industry only to find out you need to have completed the right courses, even before you can set foot on a mine site. The mining industry is heavily regulated, with safety and competency guidelines that feature in everyday mining activities.

New starters in mines can be known as ‘cleanskins’ because of the fact they’ve never been up to their necks in dirt and grit. It means they are new recruits who are still learning about life in the mines. It’s a strange world for people who have never worked away from home before and can’t go home every night for dinner – as is the case of FIFO mining workers.

Mining companies will ONLY employ people who are equipped with the right credentials. Get yourself mine-site-ready by completing the courses that will give you the best chance of your first start in the mining industry.

If you’re considering a career in the lucrative mining industry, no matter whether you want to start now or in the future, the following courses will assist you.

Standard 11 Mining Induction (Generic Induction) This course is a prerequisite for most jobs in Queensland coal mining

Machinery Tickets for Mining There are many different tickets available to operate machinery like your dump truck ticketexcavator ticketwater truck ticket or front end loader ticket

Mining-specific Resume You need to make sure your resume is mining specific so you get past the first stage. You need to describe how your current skills are transferable to mining. Check out the mining resume tips here.

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