Chevron Mining Jobs

Chevron Mining Jobs


Chevron is one of the world`s leading integrated energy companies and has been forging partnerships in Australia for almost 60 years. With over 3000 employees, Chevron Australia manages world class operations, projects and exploration activities, offering some of the most dynamic career opportunities in the resource industry.

The Chevron-operated Gorgon Project, currently under construction on Barrow Island off the north-west coast of Western Australia, is one of the world`s largest natural gas projects and Australia`s largest single resource project. Along with Gorgon, the Wheatstone Project is set to cement Chevron`s position as a major LNG operator in Australia and globally.

With two major projects positioned for growth, Chevron is looking to employ enthusiastic, experienced and skilled professionals with relevant oil and gas/LNG, refining and petrochemical experience to join the Gorgon and Wheatstone Operations teams as they continue to expand.

People seeking a job with Chevron can start looking here: Chevron mining jobs

Or by applying to the many Chevron contractors:

Chevron has awarded a $600 million 22-year service agreement to GE to maintain the compression trains, power generation and associated equipment that will be at the heart of the massive Gorgon Project. Find out about GE jobs here: GE resource jobs

Bechtel: Bechtel resource jobs board

Student Opportunities:

Chevron offers several development opportunities for students and recent graduates:

  • The Vacation Employment Program
  • The Graduate Program
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities

Explore these career paths here: Chevron career opportunities on the Chevron website

More Chevron Job Search Sites:

SEEK: Chevron Job Board list of resource sector jobs

CAREER ONE: Chevron oil and gas job opportunities

INDEED: Chevron Jobs

More information on Chevron mining jobs:

Chevron mining jobs – Kimberly Gas Project

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