Cat Mining Trucks 797F - New Off-Highway Trucks

Cat Mining Trucks 797F - New Off-Highway Trucks

Caterpillar 797 haul truck mining dump truck

Caterpillar 797F Haul Truck Overview

The 797 is one of the biggest dump trucks on a mine site. As you can see from the image below, there is quiet a climb into the cab. A ladder stairway leads the operator straight into the cockpit, essentially, you are working at heights when beginning your pre-start checklist.

These machines really are the workhorse of the mining sector, transporting load after load, day in day out – often working round the clock in shifts to get the most out of the day. These monster mining trucks are ultra class, with two-axle, mechanical powertrain which is developed and manufactured in the United States by Caterpillar Inc.

These machines are expensive to build and operate. Coming in at around 7 million each, with tyres costing anywhere from $45,000 per piece, no wonder mining companies look to hire safe drivers who understand these machine need to be taken care of.

The 797F, can transport about400 short tons making it one of the largest haul truck payload capacities in the world.

With a top speed of 67.6 km/h, given the size and weight of the 797, it can really move and has the grunt and power to tackle most inclines and difficult driving conditions. In some of the highest mines in the world, the CAT 797 has been flow up to the mine in pieces and assembled on site.

Specification of the CAT 797:

  • Engine Model Cat C175-20
  • Gross Power – SAE J1995 2983.0 kW
  • Nominal Payload Capacity 363.0 tonnes
  • Top Speed Loaded 67.6 km/h
  • Body Weight Range 41 368-61 235 kg (91,200-135,000 lb)
  • Chassis Weight Range 210 630-219 146 kg (464,359-483,134 lb)

Benefits and Features

  • The Cat C175-20 engine provides power, reliability and efficiency for your most demanding mining applications

  • Superior braking control lets your operators focus on productivity
  • Designed and built for rugged performance and reliability
  • Superior Cat structures in the 797F give you durability and long life
  • Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort, control and productivity

Watch a CAT 797 being built

Time-lapse video of the making of a huge Caterpillar 797 being assembled in the factory and on site. Given the size of the machine, specialist cranes and equipment are needed just to get the essential components into position.

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