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BHP: Keeping The Mining Industry Alive In Australia

BHP JobsBHP jobs are some of the most profitable and productive in Australia`s rich mining industry. Mining has been part of the country`s heritage since the 1800`s and for nearly all that time, the Broken Hill mining company, now known globally as BHP Billiton, has been a part of it. They have grown from their humble beginnings to become one of the most powerful names in mining in the world today.

With over 41,000 employees globally, they are currently the largest mining company on the planet based on revenue. That makes them a force to be reckoned with and a name to be respected. Along with international operations, there are also a number of mines located in Australia, with no fewer than eight in Queensland alone.

This group of mines produces millions of tonnes of natural resources every year. Products of the mines include copper, lead, zinc and coal. With a diverse group of mining operations, BHP jobs are continually evolving and multiplying, making the company one of the single biggest employers in the entire industry.

The range of employment opportunities is extremely diverse too. It`s not all about working underground. The mining industry spans everything from actual mine work to technological jobs and work in the geosciences field. Safety standards remain a priority and there are always opportunities to be found in the health, safety and environment field.

Of course, as a global conglomerate, there is a lot of work on the corporate side as well. The full range of BHP jobs includes executive, secretarial, human resources and other front office positions. And on the front lines, along with mining there is a large expanse of petroleum operation jobs including exploration, engineering and drilling.

There is more to mining than meets the eye, something BHP Billiton has always been aware of and continues to represent. With such a significant percentage of Australian employment revolving around the mining industry, it is important that every facet is well covered and that the highest quality standards are maintained across the board.

It is vitally important that we employ extreme care when tapping into the rich natural resources of our planet, and that`s where BHP jobs come in. If you are going to do a job, you should do it right and nowhere is that more true than the mining industry. These precious resources need to be handled carefully from the moment of their discovery through production and sales.

For over one hundred years, BHP Billiton has been living up to that standard. At the same time, they have helped to keep Australian mining in the forefront of the global market. Mining remains one of the biggest growth industries in Australia, and that means that there is plenty of opportunity to get in on the action in one of the most exciting and enriching fields the country has to offer. iminco logo

BHP Jobs


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