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BHP Coal Exports Rise – More Opportunities For Mining Jobs

iMINCO BHP Coal Exports RisingBHP has been breaking new records in coal production in Australia. Coal has been a focus of BHP Billiton in 2013 with heavy investment in new QLD coal mines like Daunia, creating more jobs for locals and FIFO workers.

Productivity gains resulting from technology investments and personnel training and developments has made a huge difference to BHP’s bottom line.

Massive productivity gains in the NSW coalfields seems to have been responsible for BHP stronger-than-expected quarterly production of coal this week. New reports show coal exports have risen sharlly in 2013 in New South Wales, where BHP’s broad coal mining operations include its Mt Arthur thermal coal mine which is reported to be the largest production site in the Hunter Valley.

Japan increased their thermal coal usage by 15 per cent

The new data to hand seems to reflect the China influence as it buys just around 25 per cent of NSW’s coal and is the second largest coal customer behind Japan. Japan’s biggest power generating companies have been responding to local demand by increasing their thermal coal usage by 15 per cent in December 2013 to somewhere in the region of 5.31 million tonnes.

New South Wales coal exports to China increased by almost 33 per cent

New South Wales coal exports to China increased by almost 33 per cent to a whopping 31 million tonnes in the year to June 30 2013. This data was supplied by Coal Services Pty Ltd, which compiles statistics for the New South Wales’s coal mining sector.

For the rest of Asia, exports to Japan rose 12 per cent, to South Korea nearly 20 per cent and to Taiwan nearly 7 per cent.

Lower coal spot pricing and higher than expected operating costs have left coal feeling the brunt of the mining slowdown and the weakest of BHP’s mining business units in the mining sector.

Finds out more information about the BHP Mt. Arthur Mine

Get the BHP information book on the mine and discover BHP’s activity in the NSW Hunter Valley region. This is an excellent source of information for people looking to get into the mining industry and create a solid future. Many people dream of a mining job where high salaries appeal to people who are prepared to give it a go and knuckle down and get the work done.

However, mining jobs with BHP aren’t something you can just grab off the shelf – it takes effort and a mix of experience, qualifications and mindset to become a BHP employee.

BHP Mining Operations at Mt. Arthur mine

The mine is predominantly open-cut and employs a wide range of mining processes to extract the coal before loading and transport can begin. In terms of mining jobs, there are varied roles for heavy machinery operators who are skilled operating electric face shovels, excavators, haul trucks, bulldozers and graders. As well as the machinery operators a mix of other personnel are needed to operate the underground mine as well as the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant, stockpiling operations, waster and water management staff and maintenance teams.

BHP Jobs

BHP offer extensive training and on-site inductions for all employees, however, new starters looking for BHP jobs in the Hunter Valley should consider their options and try to understand exactly what BHP is looking for in its future employees.

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