Australian Mining Company BHP Billiton - Iron ore exports

Australian mining company BHP Billiton – Iron ore exports soar

BHP Billiton iron ore exports soar out of WA

Western Australian mining jobs have been under the spotlight of late, especially as BHP looks at more ways to make mining operations in the Pilbara more productive.

It’s no secret that the big mining companies in Australia like BHP have invested heavily in systems that make their mining more efficient.

The use of the latest computer technology, remote operations management systems and new autonomous mining machinery has seen massive improvements in productivity.

BHP Billiton have started to realise their investments in high-tech mines is paying big dividends. One of the biggest mining companies operating in the Pilbara is Rio Tinto and they have been breaking their own mining records of late, as their iron ore mines continue to pump out the red dirt gold.

However, BHP Billiton looks on track to exceed its iron ore export target for the 2014 financial year.

BHP exports62 million tonnes of iron ore inone quarter

BHP Billiton was expected to export around 54 million tonnes of iron ore during the June quarter of 2014, to meet its full-year target of 217 million tonnes.

Other Australian mining companies such as Fortescue Metals Group and Atlas Iron, who operate mines in the Pilbara and who directly ship through Port Hedland, gave an indication of howwell BHP are actually doing in comparison.

According to reports, 105 million tonnes of iron ore were shipped through Port Hedland in the June quarterthis year. So after subtracting Fortescue and Atlas’s contribution it seems BHP have shipped just over 62 million tonnes of iron ore for the quarter.

This record shipment puts BHP Billiton on track to export over 220 million tonnes in 2014, obliterating its own estimates and confirming that its Pilbara export systems have proved that the 220 million tonnes per year target has bee reached.

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Beating their full-year export targetwill bea massive boost for BHP Billiton, given iron ore remains its biggest money spinner. Earnings have allowed the big miner to focus on even further investment as well as provide its shareholders with a healthy dividend.

Australian iron ore price update

Despite recent falls in the price of iron ore ($US96.9 per tonne over the weekend) it has been predicted that the price could rise to over $US100 per tonne very shortly.

Given that iron ore is one of Australia’s most lucrative export commodities, the expected rise in price is good news for all mining companies operating out of Australia. This includes mining operations in South Australia (Arrium), New South Wales and the Northern Territory, where iron ore mining has contributed immensely to the growth of the top end of Australia.

With iron ore mining jobs being one of the most highly sought-after careers in the land, this latest news is exactly what the mining industry needs. It’s no secret, Australian mining has shed a new skin in terms of where it was at previously and where it is now. Preparing for the next wave of iron ore demand from Asia and other countries will be more subdued that the previous years where the ‘boom’ in mining created opportunities for anyone who could show up at a WA mine site.

What’s next?

Are there still mining jobs in Western Australia and other states? Of course there are and there will continue to be for many, manyyears.

Are mining jobs easy to get?

The answer is, many jobs across various industries are not easy to get. Each industry has it’s own set of entry-level requirements, qualifications and experience expectations in order for applicants to be placed in a well-paid job.

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