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BHP Mining Jobs – 1500 New Workers Needed

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1BHP jobs 1500 workers needed500 short-term workers needed – URGENT!

Six-month contracts on offer with BHP.

Urgently needed – people with the following skills;

  • machinery and production operators (multiple positions)
  • truck and ancillary equipment drivers (multiple)
  • excavator operators (multiple)
  • diesel mechanics (multiple)
  • boilermakers (multiple)
  • trades assistants (multiple)
  • electricians (multiple)
  • cleaners (multiple)
  • warehousing (multiple).

BHP urgently needs hundreds of new temporary workers and hopes many will stay on in the mining sector after their time is up.

BHP is preparing to recruit an extra 1500 short-term workers to join its coal, iron ore and copper operations in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.
1500 jobs.

Theses new BHP mining jobs will be advertised through their labour hire partners and existing contracts in each state. QMEB can reveal Chandler Macleod is one of the labour hire partners.

Positions are also expected to be advertised on BHP’s subsidiary Operations Services. Click here to apply.

Permanent work – more jobs

Permanent work is on offer for some of the successful job applicants after the contract term has ended. There is also potential for the number of temporary jobs to increase beyond the originally announced total of 1500.

“We are stepping up and providing jobs and contracts,” BHP acting minerals Australia president Edgar Basto said in a public statement. “Our suppliers, large and small, play a critical role in supporting our operations. It is a tough time for our communities and the economy, we must look out for each other as we manage through this together.”

Click here to apply directly with BHP.



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