Bechtel Jobs - 100 workers getting LNG jobs a week in Queensland

Bechtel Jobs – Skilled Workers for Curtis Island

iMINCOThe flurry of jobs created with the construction of the Curtis Island LNG plants and associated infrastructure has seen Bechtel jobs on the increase.

As one of Queensland’s biggest employer, Bechtel are still looking for skilled workers and are paying high wages for the right people.

Bechtel is project managing three major LNG projects on Curtis Island off Gladstone in the north of Queensland. The LNG plants are being constructed for Australian Pacific LNG (APLNG), Gladstone LNG (GLNG) and Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG).

QCLNG is scheduled to be online in 2014, while the other two LNG trains should be operational some time in 2015.

Bechtel recently revealed that it’s wage bill for the workforce on constructing the 3 LNG plants over the past couple of years has been around $500 million.

Recently, Bechtel were making it clear they were still hiring about 100 people a week as the construction picks up and deadlines loom. Local residents were applying for jobs, with many joining the projects weekly. Bechtel has always had a policy of hiring local workers and Curtis Island is no exception, with the company indicating 47 per cent of the workers on the payroll are locals.

Bechtel jobs on Curtis Island are expected to peak around the middle of 2014 at slightly over 10,000 workers.

There’s still plenty of opportunity for people looking to get a slice of the LNG action in Queensland. Bechtel general manager Kevin Berg said the original forecast had shownBechtel jobs peaking at 8500 but that was due to an accelerated construction schedule.

He went on to sat, “We currently have over 10,000 people working across the three projects and on the mainland. We are approaching our peak and will remain at peak through mid-next year.

“In fact, this week, we have more than 4700 local residents working on these projects,” he said.

Berg said although the project was transitioning from civil works to the structural and mechanical phases of construction, there were still a number of critical roles up for grabs.

Locals fill Curtis IslandBechtel Jobs in LNG

It seems the most popular jobs on Curtis Island with Bechtel are pipe fitters, special class welders, electricians and riggers.

Bechtel are looking for people with about three years experience in civil and engineering construction, heavy industry or maintenance operations. These are highly skilled jobs, so not all of the locals may be successful in applying for the Bechtel jobs.

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