Australian mining jobs linked to China economic growth

Australian Mining Jobs, Iron Ore & China

iMINCOThe recent increase in iron ore exports from Australia has been proudly reported in the media by the mining companies in Australia.

Mining investment in new technology and automation has allowed mining companies like Rio Tinto and BHP to seriously ramp up their productivity output.

Chinese Government will not tolerate less than 7% growth

This has resulted in a steady flow of iron ore from the Pilbara mines to the loading facilities at Port Hedland, ready for export to China.

On top of this, the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has made a statement saying China will not tolerate a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of less than 7%.

He went on to say his vision for a prosperous Chinese society by 2020 would not be allowed to falter. This resolute and steadfast approach by the Chinese leader is a clear indication that despite an easing off of the heady highs of iron ore prices over the past 6 to 8 months, China is still growing at a steady pace.

“The comments confirmed that the government`s acceptable range for growth this year is between 7 per cent and 7.5 per cent,” Chang Jian, a Hong Kong-based economist was quoted as saying. “As economic growth is slowing to below 7.5 per cent, the Chines government policy focus is gradually shifting to stabilising growth.”

It’s been reported that the Chines government could roll out a “small scale fiscal expansion plan” which would include spending money on building railways, social housing and environmental and information-technology infrastructure. All of which have a hunger for steel, which needs vast amounts of Australian iron ore to produce.

The iron ore price jumped again this week with the raw material building on prices above $130 a tonne, which is close to levels last seen in April 2013.

Mining Jobs in WA

Looking for a mining job in WA (Pilbara) may be easier than you think. Fly in fly out to remote areas is often the only option, with on-site accommodation villages being purpose-built to accommodate mine workers.

At iMINCO, we get asked a lot of questions about getting a mining job with no experience, as well as questions related to mining jobs in WA with mining companies like Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortescue Matals Group, who are the Pilbara iron ore mining giants.

Mine jobs in WA can be found on the popular mining jobs boards like SEEK, INDEED and CAREER ONE. These jobs boards can be specific to mining and the resource sector. If you know how to search in the right category ( usually mining, oil and gas) you can find a lot of jobs in WA that are related to the Pilbara.

Tips on how to search for WA Mine Jobs

The easiest way is to go to Google and type in any one of the following keyword phrases. This will show you a list of jobs in WA related to mining.

  • WA mine jobs
  • Mine jobs WA
  • mining jobs in WA
  • mining job wa
  • unskilled mine job WA (if you are looking at entry level mining jobs)

Refining your mining job search

Once you’ve found the right job board and searched on the correct keywords, it’s now time to be specific and search for the jobs you are qualified to do, or have the right mix of skills and experience in.

New starters in the mining industry often look for entry level mining jobs, because they have no experience in the mining industry. This is a proven way to start your mining career in any mining operation, not just in Western Australia’s mining hot spot of the Pilbara.

Here are some good phrases you can use to search for mining jobs with no experience. Many people have told iMINCO they got their start in the mines by taking jobs like cleaning, housekeeping, driving labouring and cooking.

  • wa mining jobs no expereince
  • entry level mining jobs wa
  • no experience mining jobs wa
  • cleaning jobs wa mining

Of course, once you find the right job, think about the next step of the process – your application. It would be fair to say there is a bit of competition for mining jobs in WA because you can earn a good wage, so you need to have a pretty good resume and cover letter prepared, as well as having done your research on the mining companies and their operations.

If you are serious about working in the Pilbara and becoming a part of the next phase of mining activity, the ‘productivity phase’, then we suggest you read the following;

Read this article about Rio Tinto and BHP and how they are making the most of the global iron ore market and preparing for the future by realising their billion dollar investments in automation are finally paying off.

Reference: Iron ore and China’s consumption liked to Australian jobs in mining.

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