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Australian Mining Jobs – NT Jobs Boom

iMINCOOwing to the well reported peaks and troughs of the mining industry which impacts on Australian mining jobs there has always been media debate over a looming boom or slowdown in the resource sector in Australia.

However the reality is, no matter the type of investment, the cyclical nature of supply and demand is prevalent and clear for all to see.

Where there are falls in commodity prices, there are rises or expansions elsewhere and it’s staying on top of this resource news, and having the education and knowledge that gives you the edge; particularly if you are looking for mining jobs in Australia.

The resources market is cyclical – different areas of Australia experience lows, whilst others experience highs, depending on many variables including supply and demand. From this fall and rise activity, jobs in mining tend to follow.

The cycle of the Australian resources sector obviously follows contracts wins, government policy and exploration approvals..etc etc. Where there is government approvals, company expansion, exploration and billions in spending – so too will you find mining jobs.

For instance, recently The Western Australian had a story on Jerry Ren, a very well know former commodities trader who is currently amassing a fortune, quietly building his mining empire in Australia’s outback who has “scoffed” at the notion of the end of the resources boom.

Jerry Ren’s success lies in his ability to evolve and follow the telltale signs of a market and its cycles.

According to Mr Ren the Australian resources boom has simply moved north. And as the richest man in the Northern Territory, we are inclined to take his word for it.

Mr Ren owns a quarter of all the NT’s onshore oil and gas exploration licenses, an iron ore mine in Roper River, a new titanium mine and Nicholl Food Packaging, one of the world’s largest aluminum foil container companies. However, most remarkably is Mr Ren’s company Australian Oil & Gas, of which he owns 75% of, making this man the largest oil and gas exploration holder in Australia.

And whilst the news reports daily on mining giants losing billions, there are amazing people like Jerry Ren who still manage to make huge profits. Ren has astutely targeted some of Australia’s most remote – yet profitable regions of Australia and has attained the exploration rights to potentially unlock billions of dollars in the close future, which means an expansion of mining jobs in Australia in the future.

“The opportunity is there to find these large mining deposits cheaply,” says Ren. “In Australia, the Northern Territory is the place to be.”

Ren’s Chinese affiliates are some of the world’s biggest consumers – not a bad set of connections to have. For Ren, whose net worth is a cool 900 million dollars (or maybe more), Australia is turning into his private bank of riches, with his companies holdings extending from Darwin, to the untouched Tanami Desert, to the remote town of Alice Springs.

Mr Ren told “There’s still plenty of money and opportunity in Australia if you know where to look,”

NT Mining Jobs – The Next Frontier

  • Currently his oil and gas exploration rights cover 70 million acres in the NT, that’s 25 percent of the state.
  • Ren has basically a free run of a significant portion of the NT and its unexploited terrain which is already delivering significant returns to his established mining operations.
  • Ren uses the Port of Darwin (the closest city to Asia from Australia) with ship freighters shipping directly to China loaded with iron ore, ilmenite and other minerals to China.
  • Constantly evolving, just one of his companies this month is set to start exporting Ilmenite to China for manufacturing lightweight alloy for aircraft parts and paint pigments. Two other of his companies are commencing the mining of iron ore very soon. Another of his companies already supplies aluminum foil containers for food packaging.

“Make no mistake, China’s economy is still growing and they are still in the market for Australian minerals. This talk of the end is foolish,” said Ren.

Jerry Ren certainly has been passionate advocate for the developing the Northern Territory, and believes the Australian government must initiate “preferential policies”, such as special economic zones in areas like the NT, where their is enormous potential to unlock billions of dollars of mineral resources. This type of progression will increase housing, military, universities and will boost local economy and providing Australian mining jobs for many.

Australian Mining Jobs of the Future

  • In June, Jerry Ren negotiated a deal with Chinese heavy machinery giant XCMG Construction Machinery Co Ltd for construction of a $60 million assembly and distribution plant in NT (again a good sign for Australian mining jobs to come). Territory Deputy Chief Minister David Tollner has stated that an agreement of this size would open the floodgates for further Chinese investment.
  • Some mining giants and cashed up companies like France’s Total , Norway’s Statoil , and Santos have all recently invested in the Northern Territory.
  • Ren has proven his skill in attaining access to aboriginal lands with amicable deals being struck, noting there is enough of the state for everybody to share in the spoils.
  • His company Australian Oil & Gas just this month reached a buy-in deal with Australia’s Blue Energy who is currently also exploring large area of the state, including very promising ancient mine sites -around the Wiso Basin area.

“This is a big win for Territory business and an enormous opportunity to position Darwin as a strategic trading and distribution hub,” said Tollner

The Fraser Institute has measured the prospects and ease of mining of the state, ranks the Northern Territory as one of the most promising areas in Australia to invest.

NT Jobs – How to get to where you want to be in mining

NT mining jobs are on the up and up “ so you’d better be prepared to target the next surge in mining jobs in Australia.

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