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Australian Gas Jobs

iMINCO Australian Gas Jobs Gas jobs in Australia are on the rise as more and more projects uncover vast inland coal seams and undersea gas reservoirs.

Traditional mineral mining in Australia faces tough competition and demand will still drive economic growth – but gas it where it’s at!

Australian gas jobs update

Australia’s mining sector has been accelerating like a runaway juggernaut over the past few years, driving the country`s economic growth. The big question is, what does the future hold for Australian’s looking to the gas sector for employment into the next two decades?

A new report published by Deloitte has highlighted at least five new areas of activity that are well positioned to overtake the current resources industry`s main drivers.

“Australia’s growth trajectory headed skyward over the next 20 years”

In Deloitte’s report “Positioning for Prosperity? Catching the next wave” the experts identify 25 hotspots from different sectors that have the biggest potential to send Australia`s growth trajectory skyward over the next 20 years.

Coal Seam Gas & LNG

Highlighted in the list of 25 are five key sectors set to cash in on the growth in Asia which will help keep Australia prosperous in the coming years. The main focus in terms of the resource sector is gas.
Coal Seam Gas exploration and LNG production is absolutely going to revolutionise the Australian energy sector and create thousands of Australian gas jobs.

“thousands of gas jobs in the future”

Vast untapped coal seam gas deposits will provide for thousands of gas jobs in the future and bring increased revenue to the states of Queensland and New South Wales. Mammoth gas conversion and production plants, where CSG is converted to Liquified Natural Gas, are nearing completion on Curtis Island, which is situated off the coast of Gladstone, Queensland.

Three huge LNG trains [production facilities], will provide the means to convert coal seam gas, which is piped from the Queensland gas fields hundreds of kilometre away, to LNG. From the island, LNG is pumped onto ocean going gas carriers and delivered to Asian countries who are desperate for Australian gas to help sustaintheir industrial and domestic markets.

“$250 billion added to the Australian economy”

The Australian gas industry is one of the “Fantastic Five” sectors that collectively could add $250 billion to the Australian economy over the next 20 years. This has the potential to match the mining sector, which currently makes up about 10 per cent of the country’s economy.

“LNG production expected to increase by 250%”

With more and more Coal Seam Gas wells being tapped and gas increasingly flowing across vast open areas of Australia to the coastal LNG production platforms, output of (LNG) is expected to increase by 250% between now and 2018. Such an achievement could mean Australia would become the world’s biggest LNG producer – beating Qatar, in the Middle East.

$200 billion in Australian gas infrastructure projects

In Australia more than $200 billion of gas infrastructure development is under construction and about $180 billion in future gas projects are at the feasibility stage.


The spin-off from all of this activity in the gas sector is the creation of hundreds of thousands of Australian gas jobs – should all of these project turn out to be anything less than a ‘pipe-dream’.

“150,000 Australian gas jobs”

Estimates in the region of 150,000 gas jobs are possible as well as a government tax and revenue windfall of some $5 billion a year.

This is all very positive news for the oil and gas industry as it will soon make up about 2% of Australia’s economy.

The Deloitte report also highlights that mining in Australia will remain “a genuine growth wave” for the economy.

One point Deloitte did make, and it is a critical point, is that despite predictions for continuing falls for commodities prices, it hammered home the point that the sheer enormity of the Australian mining sector will guarantee it remains central to the national economy for years to come.

Looking for Australian gas jobs?

Are you wanting ideas on where to start looking for jobs in gas? There are literally hundreds of jobs available right now – it’s just a matter of deciding what type of job is suitable and how to go about getting the right qualifications and training.

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