Adult Apprenticeship and Traineeships

Adult Apprenticeship and Traineeships

Australian Apprenticeships encompass all apprenticeships and traineeships. Adult apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular with the mining skills shortage. Mining apprenticeships (as well as other industries) combine time at work with training and can be full-time, part-time or even school-based.

Australian Apprenticeships are the best way to combine training and employment in the mining and resource sector and they can lead to a nationally recognised qualification which is favoured y mining companies when looking for a mining job. Adult and mining apprenticeships are available to anyone of working age and do not require any entry qualifications.

Mining traineeships and apprenticeships in mining are available to school-leavers, people re-entering the workforce as adult apprentices or those wishing to change jobs and develop a new career in mining. Adult apprenticeships are especially rewarding in the oil and gas industry as well as coal and metalliferous mining.

Australian Apprenticeships offer a range of benefits:

  • Australian Apprenticeships are a great way to get a head start in a well-paid mining career
  • Being an adult apprentice involves paid work and structured training that can be on-the-job, off-the-job or a combination of both to build your mining skills
  • Mining apprenticeships represent ‘competency based’ training which means you can complete your mine-ready training faster when reaching the required skills level
  • Apprenticeships can recognise existing skills and previous experience with course credits being granted, potentially reducing your formal training time. Mining apprenticeships, just like any other Apprenticeship can be full-time or part-time and also available part-time in many schools
  • Completing an Australian Apprenticeship can lead to nationally recognised qualifications and skills which provide you with the basis for further education and training in the mining and resource sector
  • Apprenticeships for younger people looking to get into mining are also an important pathway from school to a working environment.

Where you can go for more information on Mining Apprenticeships?

You can visit the Australian Apprenticeships website– they operate from more than 300 locations across Australia or call 13 38 73.

School students thinking of starting an Australian Apprenticeship in mining while still at school should talk to their school careers adviser.

Adult Apprenticeships in the mining, oil and gas sector

If you’re looking to get into the mining industry as an Adult Apprentice the National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) may be what you are looking for.It was developed to address the growing shortage of skilled workers in the mining, oil and gas sectors.

In 2010, the Australian Federal Government`s National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce report predicted the shortage of tradespeople, in all industries, not just mining to reach at least 36,000 by 2015.

NAP`s solution was the creation of the Advanced Entry Adult Apprenticeship scheme “ an innovative alternative for talented Australians with extensive trade skills and experience, but not necessarily a formal qualification, to complete trade training, potentially within 18 months.

Some of the apprenticeship trades you’ll find online;

  • Electrical Fitter
  • Mechanic
  • Dual Trade Electrical/Instrumentation
  • Engineering Trade Fabrication – Boiler Maker/Welders/Pipe Fitter
  • Diesel Fitter
  • Mechanical Fitter
  • Carpentry/Formworker.

The Advanced Entry Adult Apprenticeship scheme has two stages:

Recognition of Prior Learning – a formal assessment of existing trade skills through SkillsTech Australia, (TAFE) demonstrating applicants have at least 40% of aligned trade skills.

  • Gap training “ which is tailored to the individual`s and industry`s requirements.
  • Likely candidates, usually aged between 25 and 45, include:
    • People who have partly completed an apprenticeship;
    • Permanent Australian residents with overseas qualifications not yet recognised in Australia;
    • Ex-members of the defence forces with trade-aligned skills
    • People with other related trade qualifications
    • Trades assistants from the construction and engineering trades

The competency-based Program delivers tailor-made training which offers a trade qualification, without compromise, potentially inside 18 months “ well short of the traditional 4 year apprenticeship. This presents unparalleled opportunity for people who have existing trade experience and qualifications to get into mining and create a career path in the minerals and resource industry in Australia.

Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy

The Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) is a partnership between the Queensland Government, led by Skills Queensland and the Queensland Resources Council (QRC). The QMEA was developed in response to skills shortages in the State’s minerals and energy sector [mining, oil and gas] and the anticipated strong demand for Queensland’s resources such as high quality coal, metallurgical coking coal and CSG-LNG production.

The Academy focuses the burgeoning demand for a skilled workforce in the Queensland mining and energy sector by developing career pathways for secondary school students to enter the mining and resource industry. The QMEA has been successful in establishing strong industry partnerships, engaging with schools and industry to help students gain access to learning about mining and engaging in mining activities throughout Queensland.

The QMEA registers teachers and students from Years 8 to 12 in the 34 schools within the Academy.

Teachers and students also have access to a range of specially developed teaching resources and materials housed on QRC’s Oresomeresources website.

All QMEA activities are organised into four clear pathways into the mining and resources sector:

  • Certificate I and II in Resource Infrastructure Operations
  • Certificate I and II in Process Plant Operations
  • Annual Engineering camps to Mt Isa, Dysart and Toowoomba
  • Tours, incursions and excursions to mines, power stations, skills centres, TAFEs and universities
  • Work experience and training in mining jobs, trades and professions on sites across the State
  • Access to industry mentors to address classes and conduct industry standard training in short courses, traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Engagement with tertiary students in a range of workshops related to the mining and resource industry
  • Apprenticeship aptitude test training for those looking for a mining apprenticeship
  • Scholarships and awards for students to encourage further engagement in the resources sector
  • Professional development opportunities, awards and scholarships for teachers, laboratory technicians and mentors.

Apprenticeships/Traineeships WA

Australian Apprenticeships/traineeships provide practical employment-based experience in the workplace supplemented by structured training at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which allows students to receive a nationally recognised qualification. The combination of on and off-the-job training whilst under a contract of training with an employer differentiates for instance mining apprenticeships and mining traineeships from other forms of vocational education and training.

In total there are approximately 480 different apprenticeships/traineeships offered in Western Australia, across 16 industries as well as the mining and resources sector.

For further information on apprenticeship/traineeship schemes go to the Australian Apprenticeships and Apprenticentre websites,or alternatively go to Apprenticeships Traineeships for more information.

Mining companies are still finding it difficult to fill skilled positions in the industry. If you are currently looking for a mining job, Australian Apprenticeships are well worth looking into. You can be skilled up relatively quickly. Supplement your Apprenticeship with the right mix of mining training courses and you could be on your way to a well paid career in the mining and resource industry. Find out what courses are available to prepare yourself for a career in mining or gas jobs in Australia.

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