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Alcan Weipa Mine Jobs

Rio Tinto expands Alcan Weipa mine by $1 billion

Rio Tinto`s $1 billion expansion at the Alcan Weipa bauxite mine will employ 630 people in the construction phase, due to start next year.

Over 80 people turned out at Weipa to hear about the South of Embley Project which will extend the life of the mine by 40 years and employ up to 1200 people.

The site, located near Boyd Point, 45 kilometres southwest of Weipa and 50 kilometres north of Aurukun, will undergo a staged increase of as much as 50 million tonnes a year from a shallow open cut mine, using trucks and loaders.

Beneficiation plants, a diesel-fuelled power station, barge and ferry facilities, a dam, an access road, front end loaders, a haul truck fleet and ancillary equipment will be included in the infrastructure for the mine which will  supply Rio`s Yarwun refinery and Queensland Alumina refinery at Gladstone, China, Asia, Europe and North America.

A feasibility study is being conducted by the mining company on the extension which will gradually replace depleted bauxite reserves at the East Weipa and Andoom mining areas.

Continuity of supply to Gladstone

It will also ensure continuity in Rio`s supply to the two Gladstone alumina refineries and continue contribute to the economy of the Western Cape, with employment and other benefits.

It has been welcomed by local government, according to The Cairns Post.

 ”We welcome any increased activity in the mining sector which will not only benefit the Cape but the entire region,”¯ Cairns Chamber of Commerce resource and industrial taskforce chairwoman Sharon Dawson said.

The environmental impact statement is expected to be available for public review and comment soon.

 ”Construction could start in 2012, depending on regulatory and internal approvals,”¯ a company newsletter said.

Construction workforce

“A construction workforce will be accommodated in a temporary construction  village on site and, once operational, employees would commute daily to the mine.”¯

Weipa Town Authority member Peter Graham told The Cairns Post the community was pleased about the long term future of mining operations and hoped the airport would receive an upgrade too.

He said a 40km long high speed road would be built from the airport to the mine site and the size of the mining stockpile would increase from 400m long to 2km long.


  1. aniceto villanueva April 7, 2015 Reply

    Hi my name is a nice to villanueva I’m boiler maker,mig welder,panel beater and spray painter.I’m willing job to mine operator or any job

    • Author
      John April 7, 2015

      Hi Aniceto, that’s all very good that you have told us about your situation. What do you expect iMINCO to do about that? You can’t just leave a comment and expect us to get all excited about that. You have to be more explicit in your communication. What do you want, do you live in Australia? What area would you like to work in? This is one of the many problems we see every day. People are simply not clear on what they want and they expect others to do all the work for them.. Take responsibility for you own future, be exact in your communication, because we won’t chase you.

      iMINCO Mining Information

  2. Steven December 14, 2011 Reply

    Morning, I have been a builder for 8 years and am interested in moving into construction in the mining industry. Any information would be appreciated!

  3. Karen McLeod September 1, 2011 Reply

    Hi I currently work in mining with over 5yrs experience. I work with surface miners and have my Cert 4 Trainer and Assessor. I have driven pretty much every truck in mining and watercarts. I have done minimal grader and excavator work.

    If you can tell me any thing more about jobs going i’d be grateful. I’m looking to relocate to Rocky Point so a job at this mine would be fantastic or i’ll have to fly in fly out from WA.


  4. adam harris August 29, 2011 Reply

    hi my name is adam am i would like a haul truck trainee positon in any mine that will take me ihave all the ticket for a haul truck operator position

  5. Linden March August 14, 2011 Reply

    Hi my name is linden and i am a plumber and i am interested in becoming part of the construction workforce and am wondering if i could get more information on applications

    Thank you

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