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Adult Apprenticeship Scheme - Bechtel - Curtis Island LNG jobs
Adult Apprenticeship opportunities on Curtis Island, Queensland with construction company Bechtel.

Apply today for an adult trade apprenticeship and set yourself up for a challenging and rewarding career in the Australian resource sector.

Bechtel is a world leader in project management solutions for the mining/resources and civil construction industries. At the moment, Bechtel are managing the huge LNG gas installations on Curtis Island, off Gladstone, QLD. This a huge project with 1000’s of workers finding full-time employment in the region.

For many people looking to get a job in the resource sector, it is a long process and requires a lot of effort to be successful. However, for a lot of mature aged men and women, the idea of an adult apprenticeship may be something they’ve never thought of.

One of the best ways to a full time job in the mining and resource industry is through an Adult Apprenticeship, which are made available through the Australian National Apprenticeships Program (NAP).

Adult Apprenticeships

Adult apprenticeships are a way of furthering your education and still being paid a really good wage whilst you learn on the job. The engineering and construction giant Bechtel are offering the opportunity for people who are looking to create a career in the industry to secure one of the Adult Apprenticeships, available through the National Apprenticeships Program (NAP).

There are four trade positions available on the apprenticeship scheme.

  • Electrical (Fitter Mechanic)
  • Dual Electrical “ď Instrumentation
  • Metal Fabrication Heavy
  • Boilermaker and Mechanical Fitter.

This recruitment drive by Bechtel was an unprecedented opportunity for talented Australian workers to complete a trade qualification within eighteen months and set themselves up for a in the resource sector.

Application Lodgement

To be eligible for these positions you must lodge your application online at†before April 7 2013. There will be an invitation-only information session in Brisbane on April 10th for people who have expressed an interest in the apprenticeship scheme. iMINCO attended the information evening in Hervey Bay last year and it was a sell-out audience with over 400 people showing an interest in working on the Curtis Island LNG project.

Successful applicants can expect to start onsite (Curtis Island) in June.
A spokesman for Bechtel said “Many applicants have already been working in industry, in management roles in many cases, and certainly over a wide and diverse range of skills with others having been in the defence force. Many applicants already have a trade under their belt and are looking at upgrading their skills.

The National Apprenticeships Program was launched in 2011 as a solution to the skills shortage in the mining industry. It has been successful in providing skilled workers Central Queensland and Western Australia mining and resource projects.

The key to the Program and its apprentices` success is a thorough selection process which includes a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment to establish that all applicants meet the minimum skills requirement. This ensures a high quality intake which is essential for the success of Bechtel projects by identifying people who have skills, talent and mindset to finish their training and become valued employees in the sector.

If you are considering being an adult apprentice, then go to the NAP website and apply for an adult apprenticeship in mining and resource sector. This is an excellent opportunity for people who have experience and a trade qualification who have been finding it challenging to get into an entry level mining job. Be quick, as applications close on April 7th.

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  1. April 15, 2013 Reply

    how do i get a adult apprenticeship

    • Author
      John April 29, 2013

      Hi Bevan
      Thanks for your comment and questions.

      The National Apprenticeships Scheme is for mature people looking to enter the mining industry in Australia. There are plenty of opportunities to get yourself into an apprenticeship. The mining and resource industry will always be looking to employ skilled professional tradespeople who have the right mix of qualifications, skills, experience and attitude. You can also try for adult apprenticeships as they had a program running a while back. Do your research and start to look online. A Google search for “adult apprenticeship mining” will give you some good leads. Like any job Bevan, you have to take the initiative and do the hard-yards yourself. Research, research, research.. don’t give up until you get the result you are looking for. Visit the mining communities, fly up to Mackay, Mt.ISA etc and see just what it is like. Visit the industrial areas, knock on doors and introduce yourself. We hear plenty of stories from people who did this and scored themselves a job or an apprenticeship.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. How do i get a adult apprenticeship

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