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Adult Apprenticeship

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Consider an Adult Apprenticeship in Mining

Adult apprenticeship programs in the mining industry are numerous. Employers need skilled workers to fill the number of positions that continues to grow on an annual basis. There are rarely enough skilled people to fill all of the positions. There is also a shortage of apprentices.

If you are thinking about a career in mining, there are certain qualities that employers look for. First, it is important to have a responsible outlook and a strong focus on safety. Miners work with heavy machinery and are often in potentially dangerous situations. So some degree of bravery is necessary too.

Apprentices must be in decent physical condition and in good mental health. Heavy lifting is often necessary. This is obviously not a place where drug use is acceptable. Even some prescription drugs can cause reduced capacity and make for an unsafe working environment.


In many cases, you will need to be able to travel and work in remote areas. This is especially true in some of Australia`s mines. Some locations are “fly-in-fly-out”. You are at the location for a considerable amount of time before you fly home.

The available adult apprenticeship programs might not be near where you currently live. So, in addition to being willing to travel, some employers might also require you to relocate. Some operations offer relocation assistance for employees.

Employers are looking for “team players”. While it might seem like a solitary job, many of the roles are dependent on each other. Everyone has to do their share and be willing to work together amicably.

Like most employers, the mining industry is looking for people with a positive attitude and a good work ethic. If you don`t have a positive attitude, it would be worth your while to work on that. Few employers are willing to hire someone with a negative attitude about work.

The qualifications required to get into an adult apprenticeship mining program vary with the different trades. Having some relevant work experience is helpful. The programs are often used to obtain Level III or Level IV certifications. So, those certifications are rarely a requirement for the apprentice.

If you are interested in operating the diggers or the large trucks, you will need a Heavy Vehicle License. These licenses are issued by the state governments as special driver`s licenses.

First aid certifications help a lot. While the mines are much safer than they once were, there are still minor injuries requiring quick first aid.

Adult apprenticeship mining programs might not be the most popular but the industry is dynamic and exciting. There is job security and plenty of room for growth.

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Adult Apprenticeship

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