Adani Mining Jobs Carmichael Mine begins in 2017

Adani mining jobs boost. Carmichael mine to create 1000’s of new jobs

The Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin took another step to becoming a reality with Adani officially announcing its new recruitment drive for head office staff in major centres in Queensland.

The Adani Carmichael mine project has been dogged with high court challenges and protests from conservationists who want the mine to be scrubbed for fear of endangering iconic landmarks such as the Great Barrier Reef.

Unless you’ve been asleep at the wheel for a few years, you’d be aware of the huge thermal coal mine Adani has been working on getting approvals from the Queensland and Federal government. A flood of Adani mining jobs advertisements will start to hit the major jobs boards like SEEK and CareerOne.

No 457 vias or imported workers

This latest announcement from Adani is reporting that the company will not use 457 visa labour, instead it will employ Australian workers first before it thinking about overseas labour options. The company said above all else it will train Australian mine workers to create new mining jobs if it cannot employ enough skilled people.

Considering the location of the mine and the vast number of workers in the region we think there will be no trouble filling those mining jobs with local workers.

Even the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk took the opportunity and made an announcement in Townsville after meeting with ‘big cheese’ Gautam Adani about the Carmichael mine project. In a statement, the mention of some 10,000 jobs will be created, which is a rough estimate and a sore point of contention among many advocates and opponents of the project.

In the Queensland Courier Mail, there was mention of 3800 workers who will be employed at the mine during peak operations at the 21 billion dollar project. The coal mine will include six open-cut pits yielding up to 40-60 million tonnes of high quality thermal coal per year.

There will also be five underground longwall coal mines with a combined capacity of 20 million tonnes. Estimates have risen about the scale of the project whereas previously it was estimated to be worth some $16 billion.

Adani finalised the sale of the Moray Downs cattle station in central Queensland’s Galilee Basin, where the mine will be situated.

Townsville Mining Jobs

It looks like Townsville will be the winner in the race to be crowned the Adani Carmichael regional headquarters. Adani CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj made the announcement that Townsville would become Adani mining`s regional headquarters, while the Mackay-Bowen area would become the regional headquarters for its rail and port operations. Further employment opportunities will be created via a high-tech remote operations centre where driverless machinery and mining technology will be managed from Townsville.

Carmichael mine fly-in fly-out base

The jury is still out as to where the official FIFO hub will be to service the Carmichael mine. Both Townsville and Rockhampton have been shortlisted. This is a significant boost for the North Queensland economy which has experienced a downturn over the last 3 years owing to the sagging price of coal.

Adani Mining Jobs

The main volume of mine worker jobs will kick in around April 2017 and the QLD State Government is claiming there will be an average of 2000 to 4000 jobs a year over the next 25 years. Earthworks are expected to start in the first half of 2017, so the race for machinery operators will be on in earnest after the new year has passed.

One of the biggest parts of the project is building the 300km plus rail line from Abbot Point to the Carmichael mine. Korean engineering firm POSCO won the contract in 2015 to manage the railway project. It’s expected about 1400 workers will be required to operate the line and the construction phase will also need more than 1000 workers.

What You Need for Adani Mining Jobs

The Carmichael mine is going to be huge, with thousands of Adani mining jobs up for grabs. Experienced and inexperienced people will be applying en-mass. Obtaining the essential skills and qualifications are the key to Adani mining jobs success.

Here’s a checklist.

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