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Accelerated Skilling Hubs – the future

Skilling people for the resource industry is about to take a giant leap forward with the official launch recently of Accelerated Skilling Hubs (ASH) by the Mining Industry Skills Centre at their annual conference, attended by some of the industry`s key personnel, training organisations and government bodies.

ASH Hubs

Mining Skill`s have developed ASH using a “Silicon Valley” example to create a hub of expertise, training and technology to advance an industry. Using advanced technology, they can rapidly accelerate the way people learn and can allow people to learn at their own pace.

Hubs will use simulation, gaming technology and automation to achieve rapid learning and take trainees through to professional level at an accelerated rate. They will be housed in a “centre of excellence” environment which can be located either regionally or in any major capital city.

Resource sector training re-defined

From induction right through to specialised managerial and senior expertise roles, ASH is a solution to a global problem, addressing safety and productivity issues. The process has the capability of re-defining the way people are skilled for the industry and the Mining Industry Skills Centre believes it will have a world class model as the training facilities continue and new technology is embraced.

New technology already developed in this area

Technology partners include CSIRO, Immersive Realisation, CAE Mining, Real Serious Games and SAGE, all of whom have already developed and presented breakthrough new technology in this area.

Developed in consultation with key players in our industry who were looking for this type of approach, the first hub will be located where the greatest demand is coming from, and at the moment that could be Queensland or even overseas.


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