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Mining Safety Training Course - Standard 11

Safety training is one of the things you should do before applying for a mining job.

Standard 11 Mining Induction

Safety training is one of the things you should do before applying for a mining job. If you’ve not completed a mining induction course (Standard 11), your job chances could be limited.

“The mining induction training is a safety induction program for the mining industry workplace, designed to provide resource industry workers with core risk assessment and safety skills before undertaking further generic induction training on-site.

As a mining and resource industry worker you are accountable for your personal safety and therefore you must undertake the mining induction course to be allowed to work on certain mine sites in Australia.

Having completed the course and showing this on your resume is will really help you when when applying for a job in the mines. When you have the best mine-ready training and start to talk to mining companies and mining recruiters, you’ll stand out from others who have no record of any safety training on their resume.

Mine Safety Induction

Mining companies take safety very seriously

Mining companies strive to have an untarnished safety record. They want to makes sure all their workers are kept safe and injury free. Safety is high on the agenda – this is why it’s critical you should seriously think about completing your mining induction training. This is especially true in Queensland, where the Standard 11 originated.

Do you know enough about mining safety? Take the Standard 11 quiz here.

Having the knowledge gained from completing this course will be an important factor when you are going for a job in the mines. If you are injured on a mine site, mining companies have to continue paying you, even though you are not physically working. This is a big issue for mining companies as they have production schedules to meet and they need every worker to be on-the-job every day.

Mining induction training will really help you to stand out to the mining companies and giving you the best shot at landing a good job in the industry.


Here’s how the Standard 11 training will make you stand out to mining companies;

  • The induction course is designed by mining employers and follows the Mining Inspectorate directive. This means what you will learn on our course are the skills and knowledge the mining companies want and NEED you to have. Completion of the Standard 11 will mean you will be educated in mining WHS best practices, keeping you and other mine workers safe from potential injury and harm on a mine site.
  • Unlike many other training courses, this mining induction course also covers metalliferous. This means you can work on more mine sites and not just coal mines.
  • The training is designed to exceed the safety standards required put YOU in the best position to improve your career.
  • The team of trainers have real mining experience which means not only are they excellent trainers, they can also help you understand life in the mines.
  • Highly practical classes means if you are a new starter you will be able to apply your knowledge and show your potential employers real skills which could make a big difference and make you more employable.

More enjoyable and engaging training

S11 InductionThe mining induction course isengaging and enjoyable to give you the best learning experience, skills and qualifications.

Why sit through boring training when you can enjoy highly interactive sessions taken by experienced and highly skilled trainers?

We know that with better instruction, you’ll retain more knowledge. With more knowledge you’ll have more confidence to sell yourself better to mining companies and recruiters.

Standard 11 – Surface Operation Course Subjects:

  • RIIRIS201B Conduct Local Risk Control
    Hazard ID, control and risk assessment and in a mining environment
  • RIIERR302A Respond to Local Emergencies
    Prepare and respond to emergencies in a mine environment
  • RIIGOV201A Comply with Site Work Processes / Procedures
    Access and apply site safety procedures, apply personal safety measures, maintain personal well-being, and complete relevant reports and forms
  • RIIOHS201A Work Safety and Follow OHS Policies and Procedures
  • RIIERR205A Apply Initial Response First Aid
    Assess the situation, apply basic first aid and complete incident reports
  • RIICOM201A Communicate in the Workplace
    Identify, access and use work site communication systems and equipment, carry out work related communication, and complete written documentation

Course information

Duration: 2-days

There’s also a pre-course assessment that you’ll complete in your own time. This ensures that you’re going to complete the course with a high level of mining knowledge by covering additional subject material.

About the course:

  • The carefully designed, interactive classroom-based training prepares you for working to current WHS standards.
  • You get the benefits of experienced and engaging trainers to make learning fast and easy.
  • The trainers have real mining experience; which means they also help you to understand what life is like in the industry.
  • Unlike many other mining training courses, it also cover metalliferous and hard rock. This means you can work on a lot more mine sites.
  • The mining induction (Standard 11) course is designed to exceed the Government standards. This is simply to put YOU in the best position to start your mining career; and
Course Cost: $695


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