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960 Queensland Mining Jobs in Bowen Basin

960 mining jobs in Queensland at Olive Downs coal mine

How much does a coal mine in Queensland cost? Well, Pembroke Resources, are looking to develop the $1billion Olive Downs mine close to Moranbah in the coal-rich Bowen Basin.

The Queensland government are prepared to begin an environmental assessment process for the Pembroke Resources coking coal mine. This is amazing news for coal mining workers in the Bowen Basin region that has been hit hard by coal export demand shrinking over the last three years.

500 construction jobs each year over two years

The proposed mining development could generate more than 500 construction jobs each year over two years. When completed, the mine, which is situated, 40 kilometres south-east of Moranbah, will be one of the biggest coking coal mines in the world.

It’s thought that when the open cut coal mine is operational, it could sustain up to 960 operational mining jobs. The Olive Downs mine could have a life span of more than 30 years and produce up to 14 million tonnes of coking coal each year.

Local workers to be given jobs first

More importantly, Pembroke Resources will look to employ local workers to live in towns like Moranbah, Nebo and Middlemount.

The Olive Downs coal mine project includes;

  • Coal handling and crushing facilities at the mine’s Olive Downs South and Willunga precincts;
  • a rail link to transport coal to the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal; and
  • a water pipeline and power transmission line.

Creating more Queensland mining jobs in the region

The Queensland Government is intent on creating more jobs in the regions, but also at the forefront of our mind is protecting the environment.

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Pembroke Resources

Formed in 2014, Pembroke Resources comprised of five executives and is backed by US-based Denham Capital.

While it has strong Indonesian interests, the Olive Downs Project south-east of Moranbah is on the radar to be fully developed.

The entire mining project is composed of Olive Downs North, Olive Downs South and Willunga.

The company said they are big believers in coking coal – and the Bowen Basin is the best place in the world to own a coking coal mine. Chief executive Barry Tudor told the Daily Mercury last year.

“We think we’ve acquired the best one in the Basin, arguably. It’s a large, new mine.”

The bigger of the mines, the Olive Downs South mine is expected to deliver 15 million tonnes of coking coal a year at full capacity and have a 37-year lifespan.

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