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Japanese steel to create 900 Bowen Basin Mining Jobs

Another slice of good news for Queensland coal mining with the recent announcement of JFE Steel (a JAPANESE steel company) announcing it will create 350 construction jobs and about 545 mining jobs at a Bowen Basin coal mine.

$1.76 billion joint venture with QCoal in Byerwen

See iMINCO related news on the Byerwen Coal Mine Where you’ll find out more information about the contractors Macmahon Holdings. This information is vital to finding out where the jobs are and how to apply.

The announcement comes after the Queensland State Government granted the mining leases to Byerwen Coal Pty Ltd to develop two coal mining tenements, which will produce some 10 million tonnes a year of hard coking coal.

The coal mine is situated 20km west of Glenden and 140km west of Mackay.

The size of the mine mean it’s perfect for large-scale open-cut mining which in turn will help to ensure cost-competitive coal can be extracted, sold and sent overseas.

The mine is expected to start shipping coal in early 2018.

Minister of infrastructure Anthony Lynham said it was good news for Nebo, Moranbah, Collinsville and the wider Queensland region.

545 mining jobs at Byerwen coal mine

The Byerwen mine project will generate 350 construction jobs at peak, followed by up to 545 ongoing jobs once this coking and thermal mine is operating at full capacity. Coal will be transported by rail to Abbot Point Coal Terminal ready for export.

The good news is, as of May 2017, construction has already commenced, with workers making good progress on the mine.

Byerwen mine good for local community and economy

Local communities in the Bowen Basin are positively affected when coal mining projects of this magnitude get under way. With a talent pool of experienced workers in the region, mine owners and locals together benefit by contributing to the local economy. Queensland Resources Council deputy chief executive Judy Bertram said the approval of the mining leases was “a huge shot in the arm” for the local economy.

“This is a big dose of export growth for Queensland’s premium coking coal, which is why Japan’s JFE Steel is investing in the project,” she said.

“This mine will also be a significant economic contributor to local communities and the wider Queensland economy.”

Queensland Coal sector contributes to $32.7 billion in revenue and 180,000 jobs

QRC’s current data shows that in 2015-16, the Queensland coal industry’s total contribution of $32.7 billion, and supported over 180,000 jobs. The coal industry spent $11.3 billion in Queensland on more than 10,700 local businesses and almost 500 community organisations.

Current spot prices of hard coking coal US$224, at full production, the Byerwen coal project could generate more than $450 million dollars per year in royalties for the Queensland Government.

Jobs at Byerwen coal mine

As with any new mine, there are huge opportunities for locals to get involved in the project. As an open-cut mine, there will be a wide array of haul trucks, loaders, water trucks, light vehicles and support equipment on site. Experienced operators will be in demand. Relevant qualifications and a current Standard 11 mining induction as well as a Coal Board Medical are essential to get past the initial job application stage.

Be prepared to do your research

iMINCO TIP: Always do your research on the company that is responsible for the project. In this case it’sJFE Steel.

About JFE Steel

JFE Steel Corporation manufactures and sells steel products worldwide. It offers steel sheets, plates, shapes, electrical sheets, pipes and tubes, stainless products, steel bars and wire rods, and iron powders; and titanium products. The company has a joint venture, AGRIMECO & JFE STEEL PRODUCTS CO., LTD., with Joint Stock Company and Vietnam Electricity Construction to sell processed construction materials.

JFE Steel Corporation was formerly known as Kawasaki Steel Corporation and changed its name to JFE Steel Corporation in April 2003.

The company was founded in 1950 and is based in Tokyo, Japan, yet it has offices worldwide.

Applicants are advised to have a current resume prepared to showcase their skills and experience relevant to the job being applied for. Remembering that most recruitment companies will use resume scanning software to scan all job applications for keywords relevant to the job being applied for.

For instance, if your resume does not have the keyword, Standard 11, Mining Induction or RII, or even ‘coal’, then it could fail the initial application scan and go straight to the bin.

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